Aden + Anais Classic Swaddles

from Aden + Anais

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Breathable, versatile and soft as a mother's touch, muslin, the do-it-all fabric helps simplify what can be a chaotic time. No matter how you use this 100% cotton muslin swaddle—pram cover, burp cloth or nursing cover to name just a few—it surrounds your little one in comfy goodness round the clock. The muslin is pre-washed so it's super soft from the start and stays that way wash after wash.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Mariana: I would recommend this product to other mothers. They are easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow and understand. It is easy to take them out as they are not too bulky when carried. The design of the Disney characters is very nice. They are easy to wash and dry although they are a little on the large size when unfolded. I really like this product and would consider buying some more.

Sarah: I would recommend these as they have so many uses if you are willing to think outside the box. They wash extremely well, there are no loose threads so far and they get softer with each wash. They don’t need to be ironed (no new mum has time to iron) and they look very cute when draped over your shoulder.

Katherine: The quality is second to none. They are lovely and thick yet still breathable. They are more costly than I would normally spend but there is a massive difference in quality. They can be used in so many ways and are much better than taking blankets, swaddles, muslins and feeding covers when these can be used for all four.

How did this product make your life easier?

Isabelle: These swaddles are wonderful and make life with a newborn so much easier. They can be used for many different things such as a swaddle, a cloth for wiping up spills, a breastfeeding cover, a blanket or a mat to lay your baby on. The uses are fantastic. I can keep my baby warm, dry and mop up any spills all with one swaddle when on-the-go. Wonderful.

Sarah: The size of the swaddles and the quality means that swaddling my baby was easy and they worked effectively. I hadn’t used swaddles before but the packaging came with easy to follow instructions. They were comfortable for my little boy and his sleeping has improved since I started using this product. They washed well which is important as my son suffers from reflux so regularly vomits when lying down. Any products I use must be long lasting whilst maintaining the look and quality and these did that very well.

Emily: These are brilliant swaddle blankets made of a gorgeous soft quality material. They allow you to safely and comfortably swaddle your baby. My baby feels safe and secure. They are able to fall asleep quicker, more comfortably and for much longer than without a swaddle! I know it is an old-fashioned technique but it definitely helped my baby.

Would you choose this product to win?

Alexia: I would choose this product over others on the market. I haven’t found anything else that I like as much as these. My son uses one as a comforter in his pram which means they have more use, once they have outgrown the swaddle stage. This is great for growing families as they can be passed to siblings.

Abi: I would choose the Aden & Anais Classic Swaddles as they are so much more than just a swaddling blanket. You can use it as a lightweight blanket or as a muslin to clean up any messes. There are four in a pack so I always had one to hand whilst the others were being washed. This product stands out from the crowd with the subtle and beautiful images used on the designs.

Mariana: I would choose this product over others for its usability, design and usefulness. The instructions are good and easily understood. As a mother, being able to use things out and about with my baby is important.

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: I do think the design (Disney lion king theme) is more boyish although some would say it’s unisex. I would prefer it to be more gender neutral. That is the only thing that I would change about them. We absolutely love them.

Katherine: I would sell them as single items so people can try them before purchasing a larger pack. They are more expensive than regular muslins or waddles. Apart from that I really can't fault them. They wash well and dry quickly which is a must-have with a newborn. We love all the different patterns too.

Isabelle: I would change the price as the retail price is very high. These are of superior quality but the price may limit the type of buyer. I am a stay at home parent with one income so this item would be out of my budget. We would not be able to purchase these and would have to compromise on quality for something cheaper.

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