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TJ's BTP Nappy Wrap are birth to potty waterproof wraps made from polyester laminated with polyurethane (PUL) and are designed to be a flexible option. The two inner elasticated flaps are excellent for holding inserts in place, be it disposable inserts, washable inserts, or prefolds. You can even fold up a towel or muslin and pop it in to make yourself an easy AIO. With double leg gussets for extra protection from leaks, these wraps can also be used over fitted nappies in size 1/ 2 or birth to potty styles, as well as traditional terry nappies and other more bulky night options.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Terri Bethell says: "For me personally, I have not found that this product has made my life as a mom any easier. As a mom to 4 children all 5 & under, the youngest being just 2 months old, I've found it actually takes more time to get the one re-usuable nappy set up for use, taking time away from playing with the children or other tasks. I appreciate it is not necessarily the most environmentally friendly thing to use, but using disposable nappies for me is quicker & works better for our family."

Lucy Bull says: "Having a separate cover and liner makes it easy to wash and quick to dry. It also means that the system is flexible and more adaptable to suit different sized babies by using different inserts. The poppers make it easy to adjust so that the cover can grow with your baby, and the size can be reduced much smaller than my slim 3 month old."

Brogan Cartwright says: "It makes my life easier as a mom because there easy to clean! Easy to use, so handy to have a reusable night nappy that’s absorbent and effective and does what it says, I find some reusable nappies are hard to wash and stain easy these are very easy to clean and don’t stain discolour or fade the designs are also beautiful I will definitely use these from now on as I haven’t found any them at compare"

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Gabriella Challis says: "I would recommend this brand, the poppers are a great design and make it easy to adjust around the babies tummy and legs. It gives it a good fit around the baby. They are very easy to store and certainly take up much less room then piles of disposables. My personal experience was that it was absorbent - however I didn’t brave using at nighttime! The liner didn’t seem to move which was great. Really cool funky patterns and lots to choose from."

Fiona Cheong-See says: "Primarily because of the eco-benefits - nappies play a huge part in landfill, and also cost-wise (depending on when you decide to start using them). I feel better knowing that we use reusable nappies and it's better on our monthly bills so all round a win-win. The designs are getting quite appealing (if that's important to you), and the design / ability to put them on / off easier."

Katie Lee says: "The price of the product is fantastic. There were no leaks which obviously is a huge bonus. The designs of the products are very eye catching. I would say they’d make a nice gift for expectant parents who intend to use reusable nappies. They are really strong which goes to show the good quality of the product. I would have no hesitations in recommending this product."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Chloe McQuade says: "I really struggle to answer this question as these useable nappies are the first ones I've ever used but it has put me off trying others in the future as it was just so difficult to use. I feel that there could have been more to the item as all I received was the outer part and what seemed to be a thin towel."

Terri Bethell says: "I would not choose this product again, the instructions were limited and for a mom using a re-usable nappy/wrap for the first time, even as a one off to see if re-usables would work for their family etc, you defintely need more detailed instructions. It felt very bulky to put on my daughter & only being 2 months old, it almost swamped her & that was on the smallest setting (if that is the right word to use) I could manage to get it on. It did not feel very absorbant & was quite time consuming to set up & use. The one thing I did really like was the design, it was nice & bright, eye catching & unisex, so either gender could use."

Lucy Bull says: "The main benefit of this product over others I have used previously is the double gusset. My children have slim legs which is where reusables have tended to leak in the past despite my best efforts to ensure a good fit. I used this cover with both my 3 month old and 2 year old and was able to get a secure fit with both and did not experience any leaks."

What changes would you make to this product?

Brogan Cartwright says: "I don’t think I could find a thing to change I like how easy they are to adjust and use how easy they are to clean and remove stains I love the designs and how soft they are and subtle! There not bland I will definitely recommend these to fellow reusable nappy moms as decent reusable nappies are really hard to find especially ones that are absorbent and do what they say the do."

Gabriella Challis says: "I wouldn’t really know what to change on the nappy as I’m not very experienced in being a cloth bum Mum - but I think that that is a positive thing as We didn’t come across any problems what so ever when using them so from us there is nothing to make better or try differently. The instructions and tips are very easy to follow and not get it wrong."

Fiona Cheong-See says: "Any way in which it makes it easier to put on and off - as mentioned the first few times are a bit fiddly figuring out where the different parts go, you settle into a rhythm after a few times (I guess similar to when you had never put on disposable nappies in the first place), but you can always improve. Also if you could make the layers thinner in any way - the nappy protrudes more than a disposable nappy making it look quite bulgy down there, but not a significant issue."

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