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Meet Rascals, paediatrician-recommended with 12 hour protection

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There are definitely some messy milestones involved in being a parent of a young child. Receiving a sneeze directly into your eyeballs, having to fake being delighted as you’re force-fed a soggy rice cake from an enthusiastic fist, or – boy-mums, you know this one – getting caught out with a stream of pee to the face. These are inevitable. But a leaky nappy shouldn’t be.

I remember being mortified when, during a baby group where we were all squeezed up on floor mats, my son’s nappy exploded, covering his back, my leg and – very nearly – the unsuspecting family next to me. I cleaned up as best I could which, considering I had no spare clothes for myself, was not very well. Continuing to sing along with nursery rhymes with a good inch-long stripe of poo up my leg was definitely not something I’d imagined while lovingly stroking my pregnant bump.

The importance of a good nappy

Finding the nappy solution that best fits your family can be a bit of a Cinderella affair: when you get it right, it can be lifechanging. People talk a lot about the ‘engineering’ work that goes into making a great pram or buggy, but the science behind making a nappy that fits without restriction, traps moisture, and doesn’t leak is truly impressive – and arguably even more crucial for parent and baby happiness! No longer worrying about ruining the car seat, soiling a special occasion outfit, or just, you know, not walking around in public covered in muck.

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Rascals offer up to 32% more absorbency than leading brands

For my family, Rascals Premium Nappies (formerly Rascal + Friends) are the slipper that fits. Keeping everything neatly contained without fear, and minimising the amount of spare clothes we have to cart around (he does still love to get covered in mud, but there’s yet to be a product invented to solve that problem!) And it’s not just a quick band aid solution – these nappies can keep your baby comfortable and dry for a long time, thanks to their special Hydrolock Core™ which holds a whopping 25 times its weight (1) for up to 12 hours of advanced leak protection (2) (and boasts up to 32% more absorbency than other leading UK brands (3)). Again, peace of mind for those unexpected moments out and about when you’re nowhere near a changing room.

Recommended by paediatricians and free from 100+ chemicals

As a former health editor I am always particularly keen (OK, borderline obsessed) with minimising nasty chemicals – especially when my son and I both have sensitive skin. So for me it was a massive tick that Rascals are recommended by paediatricians and clinically proven safe on the skin. In fact, they’re the first nappy brand to receive a BioChecked Non Glyphosate certificate (meaning no exposure to the pesticide glyphosate), as well as being Dermatest Guaranteed (a scientific safety test for products designed to touch the skin), OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified (a test for textiles to check there are no harmful chemicals), and allergy-tested.

In fact, in layman’s terms, they are free from over 100 harmful substances. Just the reassurance you want, when you consider how much time your baby or toddler spends wearing a nappy. It’s no wonder Rascals have won more than 60 Baby Awards and have over 210,000 five-star reviews (4) from parents around the world.

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Designed for the comfiest fit and a feather-soft feel

A comfy baby is a happy baby, and Rascals are designed to keep those adorable tummies and bottoms happy, with a stretchy high-back waistband that gives 2.5x stretch (5). Their AirSpun™ technology results in a feather-soft feel that’s gentle on his sensitive skin, and, coupled with a fast-dry layer that wicks away liquids in seconds, makes red rashes or marks a thing of the past. Their flexibility and comfort allow my boy to put me through my paces chasing him all over the place, without holding him back. It means that, while I might have certain concerns about his insistence on climbing the furniture, at least a nappy explosion isn’t one of them!

Available in-store and online at Tesco.

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1). Based on weight of absorbent gel and nappy core
2). Up to 12 Hours of Protection will vary according to individual baby's bladder habits
3). Based on total free swell absorbency capacity vs. leading UK brands
4). All reviews of Rascals nappies, nappy pants, and wipes across websites globally
5). Based on elastic-stretch ratio of Rascals Nappies

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