Pampers Pure Protection Nappies review

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Pampers Pure Protection Nappies

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Pampers Pure Protection Nappies are made from premium cotton and thoughtfully selected materials to protect your baby's sensitive skin. These nappies deliver up to 12 hours of protection and are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alex: Pampers Pure Protection Nappies are a perfectly functional disposable nappy. I am fortunate in that I haven't really had too many problems with nappies fitting my daughter; they mostly seem to fit fine, we haven't had any leaks at all really and they don't seem to affect her comfort. In this sense, these nappies are like most others to us and it functions very well. This product's main niche seems to be the hypoallergenic fibers and lack of bleaching. My daughter didn't experience any nappy rash with this nappy, but she hasn't with other nappies either so we are possibly not the main target market for this feature.

Gill: This is an excellent product. My baby is comfortable in the nappy and has not had any nappy rashes (which have happened with other brands) and it is easy to tell when the nappy is wet. There have been no leaks and I find that the nappy doesn’t smell as much as some other brands when in the bin waiting to be taken out.

Curstain: Pampers Pure Protection Nappies feels really great quality and very soft. It is very easy to put on and the tabs work very well. The nappy is not bulky and provides a really comfortable fit. It is a good feeling to use a reusable nappy and at least have some improved ecological impact. We have a long way to go on this but at least a strong brand is starting the efforts in this area and I'm hopeful others will follow.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Tina: I would recommend Pampers Pure Protection Nappies because of its ease of use. Once your baby becomes more active, nappy pants are definitely the way forward. The design is lovely but not a big factor in my recommendation. Comfort and hygiene were acceptable but not better or worse than other nappies I have tried.

Emily: It feels good quality, and a little larger (or more coverage) than the other size 5 nappies we’d used, so feels more secure for overnight usage. We’ve had leaks with other nappies overnight, but so far so good with this one.

Roxy: As mentioned in the above point, we’ve had no leaks (yet), and it has even seen us through the night without any grumbles from our baby. She seems perfectly happy in them! There is a good amount of stretch in the waist and straps, which results in a better and more comfortable fit. Plus I love the design – there are sweet illustrations on each nappy (illustrations vary between the sizes.)

Would you choose this product to win?

Saisha: I definitely think these are the best nappies I have tried (including other pampers products, mamia and boots). They stand out due to soft material, take up minimal space when packaged and the design looks lovely.

Gill: I would choose this nappy above others. It has all the excellent qualities I expect from pampers, and it’s good to know that it is better for the environment in terms of reduced levels of microplastics in the environment as it’s made from biodegradable materials.

Vickie: Apart from the sticky tab on the back, I can’t find any other major reasons why these would stand out above any others on the market. I did feel that they filled up really quickly, after only 1 wee they would feel bulky and I was reluctant to use them at night as I felt they would be uncomfortable. I feel the Tesco nappies can hold a lot more and are not as restrictive once they are full. I wouldn’t feel confident leaving them on for 12 hours overnight.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alex: I would like Pampers Pure Protection Nappies to be biodegradable like some other products on the market. This could make all the difference to me when purchasing disposable nappies, as I try to reduce my carbon footprint and impact on landfill. I tend to only use disposables when travelling or away from home for this reason, and therefore I don't mind paying a bit more for a more environmentally sustainable product, so I would opt to purchase a biodegradable alternative. The eco-credentials are not very well outlined on this product's packaging and more could be made from this.

Curstain: My little girl does have relatively chunky thighs and I did find that it could rub a little on the legs when worn overnight. I also found when she slept right through the night the nappy could leak on long periods of sleep for this reason I just decided to use them in the day time and reverted back to another brand. For ecological reasons though I would prefer to use this nappy. During the day though I never had a problem with leaks even after the normal newborn breastfed nappy explosions that can happen.

Pravisha: I think my only issue with it is part of the USP so I don’t think I would change it as it may not be an issue for others. I would definitely get this as my baby gets older and more mobile. There is nothing on the branding or packaging to suggest this might be eco-friendly.

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