Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants

from Pampers
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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants are crafted with ultra-soft materials with an all-around fit made up of a stretchy belt and leg cuffs that adapt to your baby's movements for a comfortable fit. With excellent absorption which will distribute wetness evenly for 12 hours of dryness, breathable materials and micro-pearls to absorb and lock wetness away from your baby's skin.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kimberley: I would recommend this product as they seem durable and do not rip easily when putting them on. So far, there have been no accidents with this brand and they do fit well.

Frances: They are easy to put on especially when baby’s/toddlers don’t keep still. They are good for active children that like to move a lot as the nappy moves with them and they don’t leak. I will definitely be buying these from now on.

Emily: I would recommend this product to other parents. They do make life easier for you and your little one as they can go back to playing in no time. I also recommend this product for travelling, having recently been to Spain. We didn't always have a changing unit close by, so when we were by the pool/beach, a quick nappy change whilst he stood up holding on to me was ideal!

How did this product make your life easier?

Sabrina: This product makes life so much easier if you have a very wriggly baby. My son absolutely hates getting his nappy changed and will do almost anything to try and get away. With these pull-up nappies, you just rip the used nappy off at the sides and pull another one straight up. There is little to no fuss with them and they are on in seconds.

Stacey: As a mum of a 16-month-old toddler, I found using the Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants a lot easier than my usual brand. Changing a wriggly toddler can be difficult especially when they don't like sitting still. These pants made my job a lot easier! I am a huge fan of anything that speeds up nappy changing and these pants definitely did that.

Angela: As my child is on the move it is great to be able to use the pull-up pants rather than the traditional lie-down nappy design. I think these are a great transition from a nappy to ‘big boy’ pants and they help babies to progress in terms of development. I can remove these pants quickly by easily tearing the sides which is really helpful. Changing nappies has become a little more fun and less frustrating.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kathryn: I love being able to rip the sides of the pants as you can then change the nappy without having to take it off down the legs. They are also very soft, comfortable and flexible, so my toddler was happy in them and we had no leaks at all. I love the design with the pictures on them too.

Fiona: They do not leak! We have tried many different nappy pants and every time we come back to Pampers simply because they do not leak. I have a very active 18-month-old and it is no good if every time she does a wee the nappy leaks or disintegrates. These nappies hold their structure for a very long time. They allow her to wriggle about without them ripping.

Frances: I have tried all different types and brands of nappies for my daughter and they either leak or give her nappy rash. These nappy’s are easy to put on, don’t give her nappy rash and do not leak through the night. I think they should win and I will definitely be buying these nappies for my daughter from now on.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kimberley: If I could change one aspect about the brand it would be to have more in a bag, as the price is quite costly for the amount that you get. I don't think the product needs to change as they work well and I like the tape at the back which helps to roll up the nappy once used.

Stacey: I feel the retail cost of this product is slightly high compared to other nappies I have purchased. Although 16p per pant doesn't seem a lot, given the amount that we use on a daily basis this does add up significantly over the month and it would make me consider sticking with my usual brand.

Kathryn: I honestly can't think of anything that would make this product any better! I have really enjoyed testing these pants and will definitely buy them again. They are affordable, comfortable and extremely practical. My toddler and I love them as it prevents any battles during a nappy change.

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