Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry Nappies

from Morrisons
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Morrisons Nutmeg Ultra Dry Nappies

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Morrison's soft and breathable Ultra Dry Nappies are now Mumsnet RATED. They are perfect for Day and Night dryness for active babies, protecting against leaks for up to 12 hours. Morrison's Ultra Dry nappies have a special core and DoubleDRY technology to help keep your baby dry and they have anti-leak leg cuffs. The slim fit and flexible side tapes ensure a comfortable fit. Morrison's nappies are regularly tested against leading brands and have also been dermatologically tested. The Ultra Dry range comes in sizes 3 till 6+. *Up to 2 X drier when compared to our previous Nutmeg Nappies.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Alice: This nappy was very easy to use and fitted well. I did not experience any leaks and it lasted overnight which is very important to me.

Katie: The nappy does the job but made my life harder as we had quite a few leaks (both number 1 & 2’s). They didn’t seem as absorbent as other brands we have used.

Kerry: The nappies were designed well, generous in size and reminded me of similar supermarket nappies I have used previously. The nappies worked well for short periods during the day but we did experience several leakages which made me lose my confidence in the nappies and so we stopped using them at night.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Loren: Yes I would as they are great value and the quality of the material actually felt better compared to other nappies. They had a lovely design and were easy to put on. If my baby was younger and not as active, I would buy these.

Amy: I wouldn't recommend these due to the problems with leaking so I don't thinkI could expand on this question anymore.

Natalie: I’d definitely recommend these nappies to friends. For the price point they are really good value for money. They could however be improved, our inquisitive baby found it quite easy to undo the tabs which during the warm weather when he was living in his nappy could have been disastrous. They also sound quite rustle’y when he’s exploring.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise: In the strap around nappy selection yes but I will carry on using nappy pants as they are way easier with a very active baby that won't lie still. I really liked the design and comfort in this nappy though.

Alice: Price is a main concern when choosing items for everyday use, especially nappies which you get through so quickly, so I would definitely use this product again in the future. I would be interested to test them further once my baby is crawling and sleeping in different positions etc as I know this can challenge nappies more.

Kerry: I would not buy these nappies again solely based on experience. I have tried several brands on the market, some which we have also had problems of leakage and now use the brand we find most reliable and consistent.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amy: The fit seems to be good but the leaking is a real problem for me so this is something I think should be looked into. I wouldn’t feel confident using these nappies overnight in case of a leak.

Loren: If I had to change one thing, I would quite like an indicator strip on the nappy as that can be quite useful as sometimes it is hard to tell whether my baby needs changing or not.

Natalie: The tabs need to be a bit more sturdy so the baby can’t undo them, also they do sound quite noisy when moving. Apart from that they are a good product and really good value for money.

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