Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Easy Pants Size 5 review

from Aldi Mamia
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Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Easy Pants Size 5

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Mamia's Size 5 Ultra-Dry nappies provide the best fit for 11-25kg babies and are re-sealable at the sides, so it's easy for you to fit them correctly. They feature an extra-soft breathable material for baby's comfort and an anti-leakage system for yours.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sharon: These nappies would come into their own while potty training, which we aren’t currently. Little ones would find it easy to pull them up and down when needed. I would recommend them for that stage. However, I didn’t find them absorbent enough for us at the moment, especially for overnight.

Rachel: The value for money of these is great. They are much cheaper than leading brands and the quality is sufficient for the job as they have long-lasting protection. They have a flexible waist to allow easy changing which is great for active babies that won’t keep still. The sides tear off quickly and easily and the pants have a lock away dry core.

Natalie: Based on the price and the fact they are pull up nappy pants, I would recommend them to friends. The nappies are slightly bigger than other tabbed nappies or perhaps my child's thighs are smaller than others. Obviously, all nappies fit differently but this was a negative for us.

How did this product make your life easier?

Moira: Unfortunately, they didn't make my life easier. Despite being the same size my daughter normally wears, these were absolutely enormous on my her. Unless she was wearing very tight trousers, they just kept falling down. They were also too easy for her to take off by herself, and she was constantly whipping them off and then weeing on the carpet.

Laura: Since we started using the pull-up pants instead of traditional tab nappies, I have found that nappy changes are quicker and simpler. My little one is very active and doesn't like to stay still for long so these allow us to get him changed and back to whatever he was doing in a short amount of time which is beneficial for everyone.

Anna: I've used these pants when taking my daughter out and about where there is nowhere to lie her down to be changed. They have come in handy for places like the swimming baths or the park. My daughter is now 18-months-old so is able to step in and out of them which makes the wet nappies easy to change.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sharon: I really liked these but we will stick with the standard taped nappies for a while longer yet. Despite the wriggling to get away during nappy changes and being a bit of a pest to get on I do prefer the traditional nappies due to the increased absorbency. I can definitely see these will come into their own when potty training.

Rachel: We’ve used another brand since birth and I do prefer them. However, as a nappy pant is much easier to use I might consider switching due to ease of use and value for money. I like the product and they do serve a purpose.

Natalie: This is difficult to answer as I wasn't able to trial the product effectively due to the size issues. I think had there been no size issue then yes I might choose this above others, based on the price banding alone. I would have also preferred to see different design options available to suit my little boy's personality too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Moira: The main thing that would stop me from buying this product is the fit because a nappy that doesn’t fit is useless! If they were available in a different size, I would definitely give them another go, especially as they are around half the price of the next cheapest alternative.

Laura: I think if the size was better on this nappy pant (more elasticity in the legs and waistband) the absorbancy would also improve. The nappy sagged very quickly and had to be changed frequently, but if the fit was better this probably wouldn't be the case. We did check to see that our child was in the correct size (by weight) and he was, but we still had ongoing issues.

Sharon: The only thing I would change about the product, is that there is no way of securing the contents of a dirty nappy inside. I have used a different brand which had a little tape on the back that once used you could fold and tape the contents inside the nappy. This would make it cleaner and easier to dispose of them.

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