Mamia Premium Nappies size 1 review

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Mamia Premium Nappies size 1

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Mamia Premium Nappies size 1 at a glance:

"Our award-winning Mamia Premium Nappies offer added comfort and softness for your baby. These feature Dry Fast Technology™ which locks away wetness quickly and evenly, helping keep skin fresh and dry. This combined with extra gentle leg elastics, a super stretchy waistband for a flexible fit and extra soft layers provide added comfort. The wetness indicator, a clever strip that changes colour when wet, is a feature on all sizes. This helps you know when your baby might need a nappy change. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic for added peace of mind. Provide excellent quality for your baby and exceptional value-for-money."

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Becky: The nappy did have a premium look and feel to you, against their standard nappies and others you could tell it had more to it. The design was simple and nice to the eye. It held wee without being too bulky. The indicator worked well. The nappy has elastic at the back which many others do not, making it look more comfortable for baby with movement and seemed to work well as no leaks. As it holds its liquid better, it helps for fewer accidents, less changing and washing makes my life easier as a mum of two.

Caroline: These nappies are great quality and actually feel very soft to touch. They make my life as a mum easier as they have a line to say when baby needs to be changed they also have a good pull on them making it easy to put on a baby who loves to kick around during nappy changes.

Lucy: They’re lovely feeling nappies and feel very soft and comfortable for my baby. She seems to be happy wearing them and she doesn’t seem to have a sore bum as they take away the moisture well. The only downside is when she slept for more than 4 hours the nappy had leaked wee out the side

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Mary: They are easy to use, reliable and it was easy to see the blue line when the nappy was wet. The fit was good and they did not leak even overnight.

Tyler: One nappy lasts all night for us, no leaks as of yet. The price again is the highlight for the nappy. It’s stretchy and looks comfortable on my son. A cute, simple design (I don’t think nappies need to look fancy).

Becky: I have always used Mamia nappies but the standard ones and feel they are the best thanks to their cute design, the look and feel when they are full are not offensive. They do not leak regularly. I have recommended Mamia already to friends and family. The price is fantastic making them affordable for anyone. I think they should win, they are a winner for me every time.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Caroline: Yes it should win as it is a great price for a good quality nappy that had no leaks.

Lucy: They’re a lovely feeling nappy which my baby seems to be comfortable in and no instances of nappy rash wearing them. The wetness indicator isn't as obvious as in other brands.

Mary: The lack of leakage makes these better than some of the other nappies we have tried. I liked that the blue line was easy to see which is better than some other nappies by this same brand that have big pictures on which are very cute but do make it harder to see the blue line.

What changes would you make to this product?

Tyler: I wouldn’t change anything if I’m honest. Really happy with the product and 90 per cent of people I know prefer to use this brand.

Becky: A more eco-friendly nappy would always be something I would look out for, but understand that the price involved would be higher and the price of the nappies are important to me. it would make life easier if Mamia nappies were more available e.g from other stores or online.

Emma: Different colours or designs would be a great touch!

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