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Mamia Nappy Range

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Not only are these Aldi nappies ludicrously cheap, but the absorbency is excellent and there were no leaks reported. The material felt thick and strong, and the fit is flexible so that babies never feel hemmed in or restricted in their movements. They do come up a little bigger than other nappies on the market, but overall, they are of a fantastic quality and have an unbeatable price.

How did this product make your life easier?

Rhiannon: This nappy works well and has good absorbency. We just had one episode of leakage with my 2-year-old but he had been drinking a lot and the nappy has not been changed for a while.

Kat: The nappies do exactly what it says on the tin. I have put my six-month-old in the nappy each evening and he has stayed dry for twelve hours; even though he still wakes fit regularly feeds. There were no leaks so they have definitely made my life easier. No need for emergency changes of bedclothes at night, which is essential for a busy mum. The nappies don't leave any marks on my child's legs, which has been a problem with some other brands. I don't have any complaints about the disposable nappy.

Carolyn: I love the Mamia nappy range. They are incredibly affordable with exceptional performance. Having twins meant that we got through a lot of nappies when they were younger (sometimes as ridiculous as 25/day)and we really noticed a difference in the cost once we switched to Mamia. The cost of a single nappy is around 3-7p, compared with around 10-12p for pampers nappies so that’s a colossal saving for a twin parent. My little ones have quite sensitive skin and some brands were terrible at giving them nappy rash but I have never had an issue with Mamia. They feel soft but also very absorbent. They also don’t smell like they are packed full of nasty chemicals that will irritate your little one's delicate skin.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Rebecca: I would definitely recommend these nappies to a friend/ fellow Mum. They are as good as any leading nappy brand but a fraction of the cost. They are well made and soft. I have never had any problem with leaks or nappy rash. They appear to be comfortable and are easy to use. I would not choose any other brand after using these nappies.

Kat: I would definitely recommend to other mums. I have had problems with leaks with other well-known brands but this has been trouble-free from the start. This is the main selling point for me with any nappy. The design is unisex and non-offensive. The tags have always stayed in place which has been essential for a wriggly baby. The cost is significantly lower than some other nappies on the market so I really don't know why you wouldn't choose this brand. Having a baby is costly so anywhere you can make savings without compromising on quality is a win for me.

Helen: I would recommend these nappies over all other brands simply due to that competitive price point. There are no negatives in using these Aldi nappies – they are fit for purpose for day and night time. I can tell no difference between these and the leading brand nappies. Therefore these are fantastic value for money.

Would you choose this product to win?

Carolyn: This product should definitely win. Being so much cheaper than other leading brands means that you will have more money to spend on other items. The fact that they perform well/if not better than other brands means that it’s a no brainer.

Rhiannon: For daytime use, I would definitely choose this nappy. It is compatible with much more expensive brands and functions well. My son finds it more comfortable than other value brands.

Helen: Yes I think these nappies should definitely win this category. They perform as well as the leading brand of nappies pampers. There is a pretty design on them that sticks. The sticky tab is strong and has never pulled off. I’ve not experienced any leaks using these on my growing baby even though she is probably due for the next size up now.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kat: The only grumble I have about this nappy is the environmental impact. If the nappy was easily compostable then it would be perfect!
I believe that leaving a lesser carbon footprint is important, however as cash strapped mum this can be difficult at times. I'm hopeful that in the future the more mainstream nappy brands will be able to cater to a lesser impact on the environment, whilst keeping a low cost for the consumer.

Rhiannon: This company does not deliver, so the inconvenience of having to go to the store to purchase. The tabs are also a little tricky to pull up when in a rush with a squirming toddler.

Rebecca: I’m not sure if they have it in the smaller size, but in the larger sizes they do not have a line to tell you when the baby or toddler has gone. This isn’t too necessary for a toddler but I would find it useful in the smaller baby sizes (i.e.2/3). If the nappy were eco-friendly that would also be a bonus but understand that would be difficult to do at the cost of the nappy. For me the cost is more important, however, I am aware that other Mums might be put off by the fact that they are no biodegradable/eco-friendly.

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