Mamia Jumbo Nappy Pants Size 4 40pk review

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Mamia Jumbo Nappy Pants Size 4

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Mamia Jumbo Nappy Pants Size 4 40pk at a glance:

Our Mamia Nappy Pants range has been specially designed with your active baby in mind. Mamia nappy pants have the convenience of a pant but with the absorbency of a nappy.The soft and breathable materials and the all-round stretch provides your baby a comfortable fit. The easy tear away sides are convenient and great for a quick change. Flexible leg cuffs help prevent unwanted leaks.Mamia nappy pants are Dermatologically Tested & Hypoallergenic. They are also excellent value-for-money.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sumeet: This nappy is very good in terms of usability especially for toddlers as it is easy to remove in a toddler who keeps on moving compared to the standard nappy. It is also easy to put the nappy on as you can slip it on as the toddler is standing which makes it easier to use compared to other nappy brands. Its like a pant which is what it is advertised as and does do what I expected.

Chelsea: Nappy pants are good for wriggly toddlers that struggle to lay still for a nappy change. I can see that they’d also stop toddler pulling off a full nappy. Astonishingly these nappy pants never leaked during the night, unlike the 4 other brands I have used. This makes my like easier as it means I’m not constantly washing sleeping bags and bedding!

Jane: The Mamia nappy pants do their job. We have not had any leaks from them, they have an elephant on them which shows which is the front and the back which is really great and they tear quite easily on the sides when removing them. Some nappies are really difficult to tear open and these are much better than others I have used (but they don’t feel like the will rip either). My girl seems comfy in the too and the nappies to feel quite soft.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Fiona: The main reason I’d recommend these is the price. As mentioned above they arguably do as good a job as the Pampers nappies. We have a 1.5yr old and haven’t seen a big difference (and that’s a good thing). They do the job you’d expect without any major concerns and are easy enough to put on and take off, so no complaints.

Louise: I would recommend for a number of reasons. First being the price, these nappies are less than half the price of a premium branded nappy and just as good. You feel you are getting a high quality nappy for an excellent price. The nappy pants are easy to use with an active toddler and easy to take off using the tear away sides. They last overnight so you don’t need to worry about your little one waking because they are wet or the nappy has leaked.

Sumeet: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend as the nappy is comfortable for my toddler and it's not as bulky compared to other nappies. The design is very nice, and nappy feels soft. As it's not bulky toddler can easily be active and moved around and does not feel constrained. It is very easy to use in terms of putting the nappy on as toddler can stand and can slip it on and also to take off as you can rip off the sides compared to other nappies where you have to lay the toddler down which is difficult.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise: The cost of these nappy pants are the main reason they should win over all others on the market – great price, great for active day times and last overnight without any leaks. They are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic giving parents peace of mind.

Fiona: Yes, I would consider choosing this product above others in the market, main reason being price, other than that there isn’t that much to consider. Nappies of this range, for this age range are fairly similar to be honest and unless you’re going to go down the reusable nappy route they all do a fairly good job. As mentioned it’s more the familiarity with the brand / ease of purchase that may cause me to buy a better known brand i.e. Pampers.

Jane: I would not pick this nappy to win as personally I think there are others brands that are better. This is not a bad nappy pant at all, and I do think they are great value. They do not fit the correct size though so I would need to size up, and although they do feel quite soft I don’t feel the quality of them is as good as I would like. I have tried many different nappy pants to find the best one for my baby, and these are very good but just not quite good enough to be the one I would chose overall. I want a bigger fit, and to feel slightly better quality.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jeanne: I would love to see a more eco-friendly option available as I’m very conscious of the waste that nappies cause. Eco nappies are much more expensive than standard nappies so I would really encourage Mamia to consider if they could design a more affordable eco nappy.

Jane: I would change the sizing so they fit better. This nappy was extremely small on my little girl, who is herself very little and should still have a long time in the size we had. I was worried she would leak or be uncomfortable as they hardly covered her bottom. I could just size up, but as a mum I want quick and simple and to just be able to buy the size I always would.

Louise: The front/back of the nappy is only shown by a picture of the front/back of a purple elephant. At quick glance these pictures can look the same. To make life easier for parents I would mark the front or back in a more obvious and easy to see/clear way. Eg/other brands print the word ‘Back’ on the back, so there’s no confusion!

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