Lupilu Newborn Nappies Size 1 Review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Lupilu's Newborn nappies are the only own-brand nappies that have ultra-absorbent Magical Tubes to ensure your baby has optimum dryness when wearing their nappy. Feel assured with these super comfortable and supportive nappies for your little one.

How did this product make your life easier?

Jamie: The cost of the product is great, it’s cheaper than what I normally spend on nappies which means I can use the money I save on other things which makes my life a lot easier. The nappy performs as I expected, I’ve experienced no leakage or blowouts which meant my baby’s clothes have stayed clean. The nappy stayed put and despite all my baby’s wriggling it remained securely in place. The colour indicator is a great feature and allows me to easily see if my baby needs a nappy change.

Elizabeth: This product made my life easier as a mum as we had no leaks from the nappies, meaning much quicker and easier changing times. Although the nappies didn't fit our son very well, we used these during the night when we knew he wouldn't move around very much. They were very absorbent and we were impressed that we had no leaks even when he slept through the night.

Anastasia: The nappies were better made than I expected for a value brand. It has a yellow line which turns blue when wet which other brands do have and I’m Not really sure it adds much as you’re not going to change a nappy after one wee. However, I generally found the nappies to be pretty similar to other brands I have tried and not inferior which was my first concern.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Anastasia: These nappies are pretty standard disposable nappies. They are straightforward to put on and take off. At this age (size 1 was tested) there’s no risk of the baby taking it off himself. I wasn’t told the price but they were as good as pampers which is what I otherwise use. I can’t really remember what they looked like- appearances of nappies generally are not important to me.

Elizabeth: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum due to the thickness of the nappy. These nappies are a lot thicker than other nappies on the market in the same price bracket. The sticky tabs to do up the nappies are large which means they hold really well, none have popped open on us yet. Some of the cheaper nappies on the market have a strange off-putting chemical smell to them but these seem to be fragrance-free. The designs are sweet and the quality seems very good for the price.

Jamie: I would recommend this product because it’s more affordable than other nappy products on the market. Nappies cost a lot of money and next to milk it’s our next highest expenditure. Our baby goes through between 12-15 nappy changes a day, so we need to buy a lot of them. So to find a product that is good quality and is cheaper than the normal nappies we purchase is a reason to recommend this product enough. Family incomes are tight and everyone wants to spend their money wisely. The design of this nappy is very similar to the premium nappy we buy, the colour indicator lets us know when the baby has used the nappy, the side tabs function in the same way and the nappy is as flexible to move in.

Would you choose this product to win?

Elizabeth: I would choose this brand of nappy over all the others in the same price bracket. We have now tried a lot of different brands and have found that they all fit very differently. These nappies didn't fit our son well at all at first as he was too small, even though he was within the weight range. Now that they fit him correctly, however, they are a fantastic nappy for a very good price. We will definitely be purchasing another pack.

Jamie: I think this product should win, it’s best selling point is its cost-effectiveness. Household incomes are tight and you save a lot of money purchasing this product. The functionality of this product is the same as the premium brand nappies and despite the issues, I had with the material of the nappy which I felt was inferior to my premium brand nappy, I would still choose this product.

Anastasia: The nappies worked well- they didn’t disintegrate when wet and we didn’t have any leaks. I find the wetness indicator a bit pointless but I think some people like them. Overall if I was using a disposable I would be happy to use this one, if there was no ecologically more friendly equivalent available. The designs were fine on them.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jamie: If I could, I would change the material of the nappy as there were a few things we didn’t like about it when we used them.
The smell of the clean nappy was strange, it had a synthetic, factory type smell to it. There was definitely nothing natural about the material. The material felt ‘cheaper’ than my premium brand nappy, it was not as soft and it felt thinner in comparison. I never experienced a nappy leak with this product which was great but I wasn’t confident that it would last very long between changes. My baby never gave me the chance to test that aspect as he was weeing a lot and demanded nappy changes regularly.

Anastasia: I think in general I am moving to more sustainable choices and will be using cloth nappies in the future. However, as a disposable nappy these ones are good; I like the fact that some of the paddings comes from sustainable resources and this was pointed out. However it still comes in a plastic wrap. More eco-friendly credentials would definitely make me more likely to buy them.

Elizabeth: These nappies have only just started to fit our son and he is now 9lbs, well above the 4lb range listed on the packaging. We weren't able to use these other than at night until he was 5 weeks old due to this. A slightly tighter fit on the size 1 would be one thing I would change as these seemed much larger than most other brands with the same weight range listed.

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