Lupilu Midi Nappies Size 3 review

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Lupilu Midi Nappies Size 3

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Lupilu Midi Nappies assure your baby gets 12 hours of dryness while letting the skin breathe. These extra thin and flexible nappies from Lidl are breathable and have an additional dry layer to ensure that your baby has ultimate protection without any leakage.

How did this product make your life easier?

Stephanie: Having never used anything other than buggies and pampers, I was very surprised by the quality and sizing of the Lupilu Midi Nappies. We haven’t had a single leakage and for the price point, I’m very pleasantly surprised!

Sarah: I enjoyed using Lupilu Midi Nappies and I had never used this brand before. They were very soft against my baby’s skin compared to other brands I have used, which definitely helped protect him against nappy rash. It did keep my baby dry and comfortable for a few hours at a time, especially when out and about. The one major thing that I would have liked to have seen on the nappies, which would have made my life easier, would be a wetness indicator. The brands I normally use have this feature. I have found this to be incredibly useful with a young baby, so this was something that was missing for me.

Charlene: Well aren’t these just perfect in every way?! Nappies are a HUGE part of the first few years when you have a baby – there’s no avoiding it so if you are choosing disposable nappies then these will definitely make your life easier. This nappy keeps everything in – even after a 12-hour sleep. I’ve had no accidents as you may get with other cheaper brands. This product makes my financial life much easier too!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Stephanie: Originally I was thinking that these Lupilu Midi Nappies were sort of a ‘non-inferior’ brand to the major players, but having used them for a week now, I would actually say they are better quality than those that I had been previously using. The nice design is just as pleasing to the eye as others, with no leakage and easy to put on, these are slightly larger up the back than others too.

Sarah: I would recommend this nappy for its softness, particularly when compared to other brands. The material was really soft and didn’t irritate my baby’s skin. One thing I would point out to other mums if using this brand is that they do sometimes leak. My little one never really has those typical ‘explosive’ nappies that some babies have, but sometimes there were some accidents. It also happened with just wet nappies. I found my little one in the morning sometimes wet all up his side and back, despite the nappy being on correctly, so maybe check the sizing for your little one before purchasing. I would have probably been better off with the next size up, despite my little one being in the middle of the suggested weight range for the size supplied.

Charlene: The price and quality of this product are my two main reasons for recommending this product. They don’t bulk out after a few wee's like other cheaper brands. They haven’t leaked after a 12-hour sleep and growth spurt feeding. The messiest of number twos have stayed in the nappy too! All of this and the absolute great value for money is the reason I would highly recommend this product over and over.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: Personally, I don’t think this would be my first choice of nappy for my little one when compared to other brands that I usually purchase. There were a few issues, as previously mentioned, that I had with the nappies that would stop me from buying this again or recommending it to win the category it is nominated in. I prefer other brands for the wetness indicator and the better fit around my little one’s belly and legs, they seem to fit him better and I rarely have any issues with leakages, no matter what size I put him in. I also prefer other brands as the absorbent lining of the nappies are one whole sheet. With these nappies, I didn’t particularly like the three separate absorbent linings/strips.

Emily: I would definitely choose the Lupilu nappies over all others on the market. I used to use Pampers ones at night (as they were more absorbent and comfy) and Aldi ones during the day (as they were cheaper.) But now after this trial, I will only use Lidl Nappies, day and
night. Why pay more money when you get the same quality of nappy compared to higher-priced nappies? I also like the fact that a slimmer design means fewer materials, less packaging and less energy used to produce them. They are lightweight, soft, breathable and absorbent - everything you want from a nappy plus they are cheap! You know that with these nappies your baby will have a good night's sleep without being affected by a wet nappy.

Charlene: Buying this nappy is a no brainer for me. Taking 12 months on maternity leave from work means that I need to be a bit more careful with my money but I really didn’t want to compromise on quality so these are an absolute winner for me!

What changes would you make to this product?

Emily: The only thing I would change about the Lupilu Midi Nappies is to possibly make them out of a material that biodegradable as I am very conscious of how much plastic gets thrown into landfill from disposable nappies. I know you have stated that the padding is from sustainably managed forests but
how about using paper for the outer packaging? Or even better, make the entire nappy biodegradable? That's what I would love to see in the future as I hate knowing that I am contributing to the plastic pollution in this world. I am sure if you did, customers would be willing to pay a couple of pounds extra knowing that they are reducing their plastic waste.

Zara: The Lupilu Midi Nappies definitely should have elastic at the back so they fit the baby's bum properly and contain the poo. I did a lot more washing due to poo leaks whilst trailing these nappies.

Sarah: If I could change one thing about this nappy, I would include a wetness indicator, particularly on the nappies for newborn and young babies who are changed regularly. I have found this feature on other nappies to be quite time saving, as I am just able to look for the change in colour on the indicator strip and I know whether my little one needs changing or not. This could be done by just un-popping a couple of poppers on a baby grow/vest, instead of having to undress the entire bottom half of my baby to check his nappy, as I have found that more so during the day, even if he is the slightest bit wet, he won’t settle as he doesn’t find it comfortable.

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