Lupilu Junior Nappies Plus, Size 5+ review

from Lidl
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Lupilu Junior Nappies Plus, Size 5+

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Lidl knows the most important things when choosing a nappy are dryness, protection and comfort. That's why their nappies now have the magical absorbing tubes to ensure ultimate dryness and leakage protection. There is no need to pay a premium price for a premium nappy with these high-quality but low price nappies from Lidl. They are dermatologically tested, latex free, skin-friendly and independently tested. Protecting the environment is also important, therefore the padding used is from sustainably managed forests. The slim design means fewer materials, less packaging and less energy, helping to minimise the companies carbon footprint.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Callie: I would recommend these nappies as they are a great product. The range available is great, including the plus sizes for extra absorbency. These are a good idea if you have a child who is smaller, but drinks just as much as a bigger child. The design is good. It always helps when you are trying to convince a young toddler to put their nappy on quickly without any accidents happening! The ease of use is a plus to this nappy as well. The sticky parts are great and do not lose stickiness and come undone.

Catherine: I would definitely recommend these nappies to friends and fellow mum's. The price is very competitive and the quality is on par if not superior to more expensive branded nappies. They were very easy to use. The sizing was very accurate and they seemed very hygienic. They locked the moisture away from my girls bum very well.
I really loved the design of the nappies and how reliable they were.

Heidi: These nappies are very convenient, especially when on-the-go. The product is very good. It fits comfortably and comes in various different sizes to suit my growing baby. The nappies are easy and quick to fasten and remove making life much easier for a busy mum. They are good quality. My baby's skin feels reasonably dry when the wet nappy is removed and there is no leakage. The nappy feels soft, and the adjustable velcro prevents rubbing or chafing. The product is very good value for money.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kayleigh: I have been pleasantly surprised by the Lupilu nappies. My daughter likes the bunny rabbit and elephant design so she is happy wearing them. The sizing is good. They fit nicely and don't bulge, even when full. They don't cause any nappy rash which we have found with other brands. They are a nice "all rounder" nappy that I would happily purchase again.

Claire: I was very pleasantly surprised with these nappies. We tested them on our 22-month-old twins. The nappies were very soft, fit well and were easy to use. One of my twins suffers from nappy rash. All other brands worsened her rash. However, this didn’t happen with this brand. I think this was due to a combination of the softness and the very good absorbency. After a few days of use, I was confident to try using the nappies at night, and they lasted for 12 hours without leaking.

Jenny: My daughter is very active and these nappies have an excellent fit. I have had no issues with leakage, particularly during the night. They seem comfortable for my daughter to wear. The nappies are a very slim design and this makes them ideal for travelling where space is at a premium. A big factor for me is cost and these nappies are a great price. I no longer use my usual premium brand as these nappies are not only great value for money but comfortable, a great fit and they have excellent absorbency.

Would you choose this product to win?

Michelle: This nappy would be a good contender as it is really good value for money. They have a good comfort level. These didn't rub my child in any way even while wearing them through the night.

Catherine: I feel that the biggest selling points for me for these nappies are the cost and the reliability. The price is very reasonable and the product is great. I would pay more for these nappies. I didn't have to change my girl several times a day due to leakages which has happened with more expensive nappies.

Heidi: I do think this nappy should win, due to the good quality material, fit and value for money. The cost of these nappies caught my eye and stood out. These particular nappies prevent leakages, are absorbent and fit my baby well. They have been comfortable and gentle on the skin. This product has performed exceptionally well. The preconception of thinking that the price is too good to be true will definitely surprise you. It is possible to find a product that is good quality at a very competitive price tag.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kayleigh: I can't think of anything I would change about this nappy. Perhaps making a pull up instead of having tabs so my daughter could put it on herself and pull them down to aid with potty training. This being said, I'm am very happy with the nappies how they are.

Claire: I wouldn’t change anything about the actual nappy. It would be more convenient for me if it was available in more shops!

Jenny: I think this product is excellent and wouldn’t change anything about it. It would be useful for the range to also include nappy pants. My daughter is active and it can be difficult getting her to sit still to change her nappy. I’m not sure if this is already available in the range.

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