Lupilu Extra Large Active Plus Pants, Size 6 review

from Lidl
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Lupilu Extra Large Active Plus Pants

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Lidl knows the most important things when choosing a nappy are dryness, protection and comfort. They ensure ultimate dryness and leakage protection with a super absorbent core. They're extra soft and flexible with a stretchy waistband. There is no need to pay a premium price for a premium nappy, the prices are low but the quality is high. The nappies are dermatologically tested, latex free, skin-friendly and independently tested. Protecting the environment is also important, therefore the padding used is from sustainably managed forests. The slim design means fewer materials, less packaging and less energy, helping to minimize our carbon footprint.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Holly: The sticky tab supported the ease of use and disposal of the used nappy pant. They are good quality and feel soft and gentle on my son's skin. The design was nice. The coverage on his bottom and the softness around his waist was great. They were very absorbent. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and feel of the nappy pants. They suited us really well.

Kirsty: They seem comfortable and do the job. We liked the design. They were easily put together with tabs meaning they didn’t leak when taking them to the bin. They are really easy to use and it is easy to see the size of the nappy.

Rachel: I would recommend a mum tries these to see if it works for their child. With nappies in general, you sometimes need to try a few brands to find one which has the right fit for your child. I liked the feel of the nappy. It seemed softer and slightly more malleable than some of the other brands that I have tried which come across as crispy. I  felt that due to the high levels of absorption it has the potential to be good if the child has sensitive skin.

How did this product make your life easier?

Christine: These training pants are some of the best on the market. They are very good value for money. They make potty training at both daytime and nighttime that bit easier. They fit well and seem secure but comfortable. I particularly love how soft the waistband is, making them as close to ‘big pants’ as a nappy product can be. They are easy to pull up/down and they tear well at the sides for easy removal when dirty. The handy sticky strip makes rolling them and disposing of them easier and more hygienic.

Emily: The nappy appealed to my son. He was keen to try them because of the rhino design. He can sometimes cause a fuss when putting a nappy on so it was great that he wanted to wear these ones. I love the fact that you can take them off quickly. The only issue I have with the design is that you do have to take off your child’s trousers or shorts to get them on as they are pull-ups. This means you need space and a willing child! The nappies were very soft and seemed comfortable for my son.

Helen: I’m really happy with this product. They have been the most reliable nappy pants I’ve tried for my son, containing all his wees. I am really surprised that they also stood the test of nighttime, keeping my son really well protected.

Would you choose this product to win?

Elizabeth: The price of this product is great! Especially as I don’t really want to prolong the use of pants before underwear. For the cost, they can easily be added into your expenses to use at night time during potty training. The fact my son is happy putting them on is also a huge draw to this product as the fewer toddler tantrums, the better!
The legs fitted snuggly, not tight, but enough to ensure no leaks. The sticky tab is the winner on this product for me! I can’t praise that enough!

Kirsty: I feel like this product wasn’t quite right for us. Mainly due to the sizing and stretch. I am unsure if they would be as comfortable for our son especially at night. I feel they do have good potential if they were the right size. They were very easy to put on and remove which is essential especially after number twos.

Holly: I would definitely consider swapping from my current brand as they did everything I needed from a nappy pant. We did have two leaks we had but it's hard to say if I might have had the same issue with any brand as my son had a particularly bad upset stomach. They are better than I thought they would be and should be a contender for winning this category.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsty: I think I wouldn’t change anything except maybe the sizing information. It can be a bit out. A size four would never fit my baby despite her weight range making her this size.

Rachel: I would have liked a tighter fit around the legs or maybe a slim fit options. This would probably have solved the problem of the leaking that I had overnight. I would appreciate a greater variety of designs. My son is starting to get to the age where this is a good negotiating tool for getting him to wear the nappy. Other than those two comments, there isn't really anything significant that I would want to change about the nappies. I felt that they were a good quality and well made.

Christine: If I could change one thing about this product it would be the design on the front. Whilst the design is child-friendly and totally non-offensive, it could be a little more ‘grown up’ and targeted towards older toddlers. You want to differentiate between potty training pull-ups and babies nappies. This is a minor improvement and makes little or no difference to the actual use of the product.

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