Ecopipo UK Ecobebé One size All in 2 Nappy System

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Ecopipo UK Ecobebé One size All in 2 Nappy System

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Ecopipo created Ecobebé nappies having in mind the simplest of the designs that could make a nappy easy to use, reliable and affordable, with the aim of encouraging more parents to give cloth nappies a go. Ecobebé nappies are an all-in-two system, that consists of a soft, breathable waterproof cover and a slim but highly absorbent insert. It is very versatile since it can also be combined with pre-folded nappies.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kelly: The insert is very soft and it is reversible depending on which texture you prefer for your little one. It is slimmer when fully open (when the poppers haven’t been used to make it smaller) and my little boy seemed to find it comfortable. The insert did seem to dry quite quickly, which is helpful if you are short on time.

Amy: The Ecobebe really surprised me. I had never considered using a reusable nappy. However, it had lots of good points. Firstly, the design is great. It looks like a water nappy but a lot softer and nicer. The instructions sent by the company were excellent and comprehensive. The brand seems knowledgeable and passionate. They are saving the environment which is a big plus. The materials used are really soft and reversible. It fitted great. It does take a bit of effort but I would definitely recommend. It is a good step before potty training.

Laura: This system would be fab for a first-time cloth user. It is so easy to use and they wouldn't need to buy any other nappies from day one to potty trained. They come in lots of beautiful fun designs. I've already got my eye on them to purchase some more. I am so impressed! The cover and insert are super quick drying and slim fitting. The insert has two sides for you to decide which is better next to the babies skin. Both children felt dry and rash free after wearing with both sides next to the skin.

How did this product make your life easier?

Gemma: I liked the concept of reusable nappies. There are a number of benefits - less cost long term, better materials and benefit for the environment. However, this nappy did not make my life easier. The fit was poor despite trying a few of the connectors/snap buttons. It was easy for my son to place his hands down the back and create a mess! The product only came with two inserts and no wash bag. I could only try it at home as I didn't want to carry a soiled nappy around. The inserts washed well but disposables seem more convenient.

Roxanne: I have always loved the idea of eco/cloth nappies but I had never tried them. Wow! I was impressed. The Ecobebé One Size Cloth Nappy is so versatile, easy to use and the liner is so soft. I love the fact that it’s a “one size fits all” style, ultimately saving money in the long run. It can be adjusted to fit my little one as he grows, unlike standard nappies which can leak depending on the brand. The nappy is easy to use. I wasn’t keen on washing it but now my little one is on solids it’s much easier. It’s nice and slim but highly absorbent.

Danielle: I have used a mixture of cloth and disposable nappies. I found using this system easier than some of the all-in-one type nappies. I was able to remove the inner lining and add in the other lining. It washed well and dried well on the line. Not the quickest to dry but better than some others I have used.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sushma: If you specifically want a cloth nappy then I think this is great. Its very good quality and value for money when you consider how expensive throwaway nappies are. I think a wider choice of designs would be welcome. I didn't receive any instructions on how to use the nappy either and that would have been useful too.

Kelly: We don’t usually use cloth nappies, so we don’t have extensive experience with other brands. I do know, however, that other cloth nappies can be used at night, whereas the information sent with the nappy explains that this is designed to be a day nappy. I also think other brands offer a more interesting range of designs.

Amy: Yes. I think the product is great and not something that I would have considered before. I like the designs on offer, the quality, the fit and the detailed care instructions sent by the company. I like how there are many different fittings on the nappy so it grows with the child. The first day my toddler wore it, they did a bad poo in the nappy and I followed the care instructions and was impressed that the staining was minimal. It is a good price for a quality product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Laura: I would add a bamboo insert for extra heavy wetting babies and for use overnight. Although my babies stayed completely leak-free and dry within three hours of changing, the added security of extra absorbency overnight would be a massive plus.

Gemma: I would change the design so that it did not have snap buttons to alter the size but Velcro tabs instead. This would allow a better fit. If the product could be made less bulky this would also increase its usability. The bulkiness restricted what clothes my toddler could wear. It would be helpful if the company sent out an information leaflet with the product.

Roxanne: I would add a little instruction leaflet. It’s definitely not rocket science to work it out but a little information guide with the product would beneficial (especially for mums who have never used a cloth nappy before). It would boost mums confidence in using them. The information leaflet could hold the facts about cloth nappies and perhaps give guidance on how long children can wear them for. Being a complete novice, I would have found this helpful.

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