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At a glance:

The award-winning Pop-in new gen V2 reusable nappy from Close is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable nappies. The Pop-in new gen V2 has stretchy tabs just like a disposable nappy for a snug fit around your baby every time. The soft waterproof shell lets your baby's bottom breathe and a clever absorbent panel in the outer shell helps hold the wetness in the middle of the nappy.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Chloe: I would recommend this product as it is a great way of saving money. These nappies last your baby a good few sizes until you would need to buy the next size up. The nappies are very stylish with different colourful designs on each one and they have a modern look to them. They are very absorbent and feel lovely and soft.

Sarah: The product is very stylish and durable. It is easy to wash the inner towels though you would struggle to dry them in the winter months. The product is bulky so you would need a bigger change bag to carry spares in (I like to carry at least six spare nappies if I’m out for a few hours). Because of the mass padding, I felt my baby became quite hot under them. I would be worried about them becoming sore from the heat and sweat/body fluids.

Niqui: Definitely. The nappies look great and all designs are unisex. They are amazing quality and easy to use! You can change the size of the nappies just by using the poppers. All you have to do is pop the inserts in. My boys appeared comfortable. The only issue we had was with hygiene. We weren't sure how often to wash them or how to manage them out of the house. After research, we could see that there are bags you can buy to keep the nappies in when you are out and about.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amanda: I've never thought about using reusable nappies before. I didn't understand why people did because of the added washing. However, over a long period of time, these nappies will definitely save money. We opted to use the reusable ones in the house and disposable ones outside of the house and this works well for us. We have to do fewer changes as they keep my baby drier for longer.

Steph: This product has an amazing design and made changing my baby very quick and simple. The poppers and strong Velcro made for a good fit on the baby. The liners were good quality and absorbent. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Washing the nappy and liners was very simple with easy to follow instructions with regards to where to put the Velcro straps.

Sarah: This product made my life easier as it was definitely leak proof and ensured that I did not have to worry about changing a nappy too often. The fit is fully adjustable so you can custom fit them to your baby rather than having to try a number of disposable nappies to get the right fit. Anything that reduces the number of potential leaks is great in my book.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: These nappies work really well at containing any leaks. The features such as liners/boosters/velcro wash tabs made them seem high quality and user-friendly. The designs are lovely and bright. We loved every one of them. Whilst I loved these nappies, I'm not 100% sure they are 'the brand' for me. They didn't quite suit my baby's body shape as they were tight around his legs and if I loosened them they were too big around the tummy. It was hard to test how usable these would be as five nappies don't last a full day of use.

Jemma: The nappy fits really well and is a lovely design. I am happy for it to be seen underneath my daughter's dress. The material seems hard wearing but breathable and soft on my baby's bottom. The only downside is it is quite bulky compared to a disposable. I haven't used a different brand of reusable nappy so I can't compare.

Rowan: I loved the quality and design of this product. It was so easy to use and kept my baby dry and comfortable. I loved the fact the nappy grows with the child which makes it cost effective as well as reducing the impact on the environment. I have used these daily for the last month and there are no signs of wear and tear despite daily washing. I would choose these above other reusable nappies due to the quality and the materials used.

What changes would you make to this product?

Chloe: I would change how boxy they are. The elastic around my babies thighs wasn't soft and the outer material wasn't that soft either. The waistband is thick and even though my baby didn't seem to be in discomfort when I went to change his nappy he had lots of marks on him where it had been digging into his skin.

Sarah: I think a thinner option for summer would be better as I have found them too thick and bulky. It made my baby hot and sweaty underneath them in the hot weather. This coincided with not being able to check accurately when the nappy was dirty which can make the skin sore in the groin and creases causing problems.

Niqui: The amount of information that comes with them. I understand that they are trying to reduce paper waste but I was completely new to re-usable nappies so didn't know where to start! I had to spend a lot of time online researching how to use them, when to wash them, how to keep them looking new, how to manage nappy changes out of the house etc.

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