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Close Parent pop-in reusable nappy provides the ultimate in nappy comfort and reliability from birth to potty. It converts quickly from day-to-night with a specially-designed booster, this adds the extra absorbency needed once sleeping through.

The Puffin nappy is a first for Pop-in and reusables, it uses low impact recycled polyester made from 2.5 repurposed plastic water bottles and a bio waterproofing, which helps to conserve non-renewable energy sources and reduce emissions by up to 48%.

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Laura Devonshire says: "Having started using cloth nappies on my baby twins in lockdown I quickly realised that they weren’t as complicated to use as I first thought. These nappies are beautifully made, have a handy hook and loop fastening and so simple to use! I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw it. The two part system is great as the outer shell can be used with other nappy systems as well."

Louise Dutton says: "It’s a nice soft colourful design, soft on the babies skin. Extremely good to wash, dry and to reuse. I haven’t been a fan of reusable nappies before but I would highly recommend this brand and will continue to use the product until nappies are no longer needed. It saves a fortune in buying nappies."

Lola Egbubine says: "It was my first time using cloth nappies, I always liked the idea of them but never got round to trying with my now 19-month old. While cloth nappies are not as 'convenient' as standard disposable nappies, they definitely look better and are more environmentally friendly. The all in one design makes it easy to pick up and put but also the fabric is quick-drying which is great in that it saves time between washing and being ready to use again."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Neena Jhalil says: "I wouldn’t recommend these for a newborn baby. My baby is on solids so his poo is more solid and the nappies were easier to clean how ever if I used these when my Baby was little on just milk when the poo is more runny I would be reluctant to use I imagine the cleaning aspect would be hard work compared to disposable ones."

Bryony Winfield says: "These nappies are more absorbant and contain poo better than leading disposables and are much better for the environment. I'm happy doing a nappy wash every other day for the reliability and to avoid risking changing my son's clothes every time there's a nappy leak. That's one worry off my mind and is a real time saver. I've also saved money compared to buying disposables and I've only used these nappies on one baby so far so it has been worth the initial outlay. Compared to other reusables, the Puffin Bio Laminate is very absorabant so even better at avoiding leaks and better for the environment than some so I have a clearer conscience buying them. I use a 2-part nappy most frequently and this has been challenging with a wriggly toddler so having a good level of absorbency in an AI2 is a great help, especially when we're out for the day and I'm trying to pin a toddler to a changing table."

Chrissie Winter says: "I would recommend it as a nursery nappy as it’s so easy to use once it’s prepared- very similar to a disposable nappy. On the whole it was also reasonably reliable and could last a few hours. The patterns are also lovely. And it’s amazing that it uses up plastic bottles that would otherwise have gone to landfill. It’s also great to know you are preventing further nappies going to landfill."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Zoe-Anne Woodward says: "Unfortunately I would not choose this product to over other reusable nappies on the market due to how many times we had poo explosions and leaks whilst using the nappies, even after adjusting the size and changing more frequently we still had leaks. I also feel that the nappy would be too bulky for a newborn."

Laura Devonshire says: "Great value for money, and hold their value in the re-sell market as well, so it is worth spending that little bit extra. My babies seem very comfortable in the nappies and didn’t have any nappy rash. They could comfortably wear them for over three hours with no leaks and they are a great night option too."

Louise Dutton says: "As a mum to a 7 month old I wish I had known about this brand before spending a fortune on nappies and getting a headache over which ones are better baby and don’t cause skin rashes. I absolutely love this product and will continue to use it, i do think it should win and get more people interested in the product and make it known more in local shops. How beautiful the designs are, they are very eye catching."

What changes would you make to this product?

Lola Egbubine says: "I do wonder if the nappies could be a little less bulky without losing absorbency. I suppose the use of boosters means a bit more bulk but I honestly do not know how the product could be improved. I had no issues using it and i am looking to purchase some more as I have another on the way! Excellent product."

Neena Jhalil says: "I would create a travel pack. I tried to use these on holiday and found it hard as the inserts, wipes, cover and thin tissue rolls were scattered and not kept together very well. This would make me feel more organised and easy to find the various aspects required. The designs are really so beautiful!"

Bryony Winfield says: "I would change the laundry tab to one I could operate quickly with one hand. The last thing I need is something that is fiddly when I have a wriggly toddler. So perhaps I would just recommend buying the popper version instead for the time being, even though I find velcro usually gives a better fit. With this change, the Puffin Bio Laminate would easily be my choice for taking out and about when there's a limit on time and space for nappy changing although it still wouldn't be my reliable go-to for night time."

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