Boots Baby super dry nappies review

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Boots Baby super dry nappies

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Boots Baby super dry nappies at a glance:

Boots Super Dry Nappies are perfect for Day and night dryness for active babies, protecting against leaks for up to 12 hours. The nappies come in sizes from 3 to 6. The nappy is super stretchy so it moves with the baby's body and the strong tapes also ensure secure fit. The clever Channel design distributes liquid evenly across the nappy, absorbing liquid faster and making the nappy highly absorbent, this also helps prevent sagging and creates longer lasting comfort. Boots Super dry nappies have also been dermatologically tested.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alex: Because the nappies fit perfectly, my baby hasn’t suffered any leaks and therefore I haven’t had to do any outfit changes or additional washing! The fact that they are super absorbent means that you can leave baby longer between changes without any adverse effects – this is particularly useful overnight! I like the fit of these nappies around the waist too as they seem secure but comfy and leave no red marks.

Bethany: This nappy does not leak as much as the usual brand I usually buy. It holds in both with any leakage. It was my go to nappy to use all the time at night as I was guaranteed not to have any leakages the next Morning. If I knew my daughter was due to have a poop this would be the best nappy to hold it all in. The softness of the nappy was great too, it didn't leave my daughter with any kind of rashes.

Courtney: The concept of a no leak nappy is something that I am sure most mums find appealing. These nappies were easy to put on (although with my son we prefer to use pull ones as he is a wriggler) but did manage to put these on him. They are stretchy. Although he did still leak through them, this was probably less that with other nappies.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Bethany: I would recommend this product to any mum due to the way it held in all the liquid without any leakage. Usually high end brands like pampers advertise this but I believe with the price of this nappy it is a lot cheaper than Pampers. The softness of the nappy was lovely too and was so delicate on my baby's skin. I would like another mum I know to try this out to see how they compare.

Ellie: Yes I would recommend this to a fellow mum. I love the design on the nappies themselves, they are natural and also very child friendly. They are easy to use and hold a lot of wetness. We did have one leaky soiled nappy which meant a change of clothes however had no leaks with wetness. Therefore I may opt for a more expensive brand in future for that purpose.

Victoria: I would recommend these nappies as I really liked the design of these nappies & how slimline they were, they fit into changing bags really easily. They performed really well keeping baby dry without leaks overnight for 12 hours. During the day they lasted better as well if we were on a long car journey and weren’t able to change the baby as frequently I was impressed by how well they performed.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Hannah: I think this product should be a serious contender in this category. They performed as well as the leading brands and had some bonus features compared to the leading brand of disposable nappy which I currently use. The fit was a lot better across the back and legs and the core felt softer against my babies skin. I loved the design on the nappy and the price point is very competitive for a high street brand.

Corrine: I think this product certainly deserves to be in the top 3 as the nappies themselves look and feel great. The design on them is fantastic and for the price they are a fantastic product. For me personally I would stick to Pampers and this is purely because I used them in the past and have never had a leaky nappy whereas we had a leaky soiled nappy when my baby was sat in his car seat. But overall great product.

Courtney: No I dont think these nappies should win. They did not prove to be superdry for us. They were a comfy fit on my son, and it is possible that we needed a larger size. It may be possible that they already come as pull ups, but if not, this is something which I would have much preferred as I found them rather difficult to put on my wriggly son.

What changes would you make to this product?

Michaela: I would change the amount in a pack. I understand that not everyone wants a giant pack of nappies but I find this the most convenient thing for me having two children I wouldn’t want to have to buy two packs of each just to give me a week’s supply. This would just make it easier for me when shopping.

Rachel: A more secure fit around the legs and more absorbent to prevent leaking. This was a particular issue overnight and on multiple occasions I found that poo leaked out of the nappy and onto her clothes. A more absorbent nappy would mean fewer changes and would reassure me that her bottom was kept nice and dry.

Hannah: The only feature that would improve this nappy would be a wetness indicator. The leading brand of nappy has this even in its larger sizes. It would be useful as sometimes the nappy can bulk out but not feel wet, this would help with not having to un necessarily change and undress a little one who can be very wriggly now! and send another nappy to landfill. A wetness indicator could also be beneficial when beginning to potty train.

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