Baby Ocado Size 4 Ultra Dry Nappies (50 per pack) review

from Ocado
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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

Ocado Ultra Dry nappies combine a super-absorbent filling with an extra soft drying-layer to keep your baby comfortable and dry throughout the day and night. Made with ultra soft, stretchy materials to ensure a snug, cosy fit. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested with soft cuffs to prevent leakage and up to 12 hours absorbency.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Victoria: I would recommend this product to those already ordering from Ocado but I don't think they are worth getting if it is inconvenient. All in all, I think the product satisfies all of the requirements of a nappy without being notably better than its competitors. The tabs are less stretchy than I’m used to which doesn’t pose any issues or produce any benefits but this might be a preference for some mums.

Margaret: Yes I would recommend these nappies as they fit well, are a neutral design and feel secure when you fit them to your child.

Katie: I would recommend these nappies because they are an excellent alternative to the big name brands. They work and fit as well as other competitors. The inner layer is soft but very absorbent and it can be used as an overnight nappy without any concerns of leaking. I had no issues with nappy rash even though my daughter has sensitive skin. The designs are unisex, the nappies are comfortable, the fastenings are secure and they have stretch so your child can move freely. The price of these nappies is fantastic for the quality you get.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kayleigh: These nappies claimed 12 hours of usage so we put this to the test, overnight after a full glass of milk. I was pleasantly surprised that there were no leakages. My daughter hasn't suffered from any nappy rash since using them. They do get very bulky but they hold a lot!

Katie: Any disposable nappy would make life easier as a mum of two under two-years-old. I was pleasantly surprised by this product as I usually use a big brand and so far have never been swayed. However, I did like these nappies. I found they were more absorbent and coped a lot better with holding a full nights worth of urine and my toddler was still dry. It meant I didn't have to wake my son up during the night to change him.

Sarah: These nappies surprised me. Initially, they appeared thin and I thought they wouldn't hold up against a toddler. They were very lightweight and the flexibility was great, which was a massive plus for me when having to carry them around in a nappy bag. They held just as much if not more than other nappy brands I have tried. My little one was comfortable and happy in them and with the full movement of a toddler, the top stayed high when done up (while not cutting in under the tummy).

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: I find these nappies to be a real contender for winning. They do need a few tweaks in order to be the best they can be. They are perfect when it comes to the sizing and comfort. However, the Ocado size 5 nappies feel slightly more flimsy than other nappies and when putting them on the side tabs have broken off.

Georgia: I am not overly impressed with these nappies so I do not think they should win as they tend to leak overnight. These nappies fit comfortably initially but if your toddler moves around a lot they are ruined. There are other brands which are cheaper and do last longer. The nappies are plain which makes them unisex but the packaging is pink which is confusing. The good thing about these nappies is that they do not have a smell.

Victoria: I still prefer another brand but primarily due to familiarity as both nappies have performed equally well. I do think the Ocado nappies are superior to other brands.

What changes would you make to this product?

Margaret: I wouldn’t change anything about these nappies. I would recommend a bulk box or bag of them.

Katie: If I could change anything about the Ocado nappy I would have different images on them so they are not the same. My daughter really enjoys picking out which design she wants next and it makes nappy changes easier when there is a distraction/talking point whilst changing. The image on the nappy is sweet but could be more eye-catching. I would also like to see a softer material on the no leak cuffs to avoid rubbing the inner thigh of the busy toddler. Other than this, there are no faults with this nappy and they are an excellent choice.

Kayleigh: If I could change one thing, I would change the sizing guide for this nappy. I expect to be able to pick up nappies and have them fit when my child is in the guided weight range. The nappy is great for nighttime use but they become baggy so wearing them in the day does not work.

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