Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat review

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Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat

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The Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat is extremely soft and kind to skin giving you peace of mind when using the baby changing mat with your child. They quickly retains moisture, with a cellulose layer providing effective hygiene control to coordinate reliable experience when changing nappies or to use for extra protection while sleeping.


  • Good size
  • Gentle on skin
  • Great designs
  • Disposable


  • Wasteful


Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat

The Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat won Bronze in the Mother&Baby awards 2024 for Best Product for a New-born 0-4 months.

Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat key features

  • Baby Me Diaper Changing Mat provides ease of use

  • Prevents the place you are changing at from getting dirty.

  • Thanks to its cellulose layer, it instantly retains the liquids.

  • Prevents small accidents at home, travel and outside.

  • Can be used as a bed cover against minor accidents at night.

  • It attracts your baby's attention with its colourful form and soft texture.

Testing the Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat

I’ll be honest, when they arrive I expected super basic simple disposable changing mats but these are so much nicer! Not only do the have nice patterns but they are unbelievably soft and super handy! My daughter had some nappy free time and they are so absorbent that there were now spillages, at all!

I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow mum. The changing mats are so handy, particularly when out of the house and having to use a public changing cubicle which are often a little unsanitary. They’re very compact and can easily fit a few in a changing bag. I’ve been using them as a mattress protector and with the amount of accidents, they’ve been a god send!

I would recommend the Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat to another mum because of its convenience. I appreciated being able to use a disposable mat rather than my reusable one in some instances such as when we experienced a poonami when out! I also think the design is very cute, eye-catching and stimulating for baby. The size is also a huge plus as it is much larger than my reusable travel mat, whilst folding up much smaller.

I found this to be a great product for holidays with a little one. Particularly if you co-sleep or are being provided with a cot, then they can be used as mattress protectors. The pads are also great for nappy changes out of the house I thought they were great liners for use in baby changing facilities. Useful selling points- Easy to pack in a changing bag - small enough Bright colourful design on bottom of pads Soft material for baby to lay on.

Handy to be able to keep in a rucksack if it is needed when out of the house. Has also been useful in the house to use it for tummy time. We have a baby who is regularly sick and so we have been able to use this to lay him on and out him on for tummy time without worrying about needing to clean the carpet or blanket. It has a fun colourful design on the reverse which can be useful to use as a distraction while I have tried to get other bits together.

This product makes life easier as a mum of a newborn because I can pack a few of these in my changing bag and if they do get dirty and I just dispose of them without having to carry it with me or worry about washing it. I used the disposable changing mats when I went out to eat, for the park and when visiting friends and family.

Final thoughts

The Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mat is perfect and convenient for on the go or at home use. They are provide a sanitary area to change your baby's nappy when in changing facilities when they may not all be or when at the park or round family and friends. Once you have used one, if soiled then it can be disposed of, there is no need for washing anything or cleaning up any accidents, like with a reusable changing mat. Although this can become quite wasteful.

Baby Me Super Thin Diaper Changing Mats also have a great design on them instead of being plain, which attracts your baby's attention.

These also double up as a mattress protector in bed at night during the potty training journey.

Full product spec

  • Size: 60x90 cm

  • Pack size: 40

  • Does not harm your baby's skin

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