ASDA Little Angels Newborn Size 1 Nappies review

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ASDA Little Angels Newborn size 1

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ASDA Little Angels Newborn nappies are wonderfully soft and breathable for your bundle of joy. Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, feather-soft materials and SmartFlo™ absorbency ensure sensitive skin is cared for and moisture is absorbed quickly and evenly for comfort. Gently elasticated leg cuffs and a super-stretchy waistband help prevent dreaded explosions and a wetness indicator allows you to check if baby needs changing. A special contoured design helps prevent umbilical irritation and a handy size guide shows you when it's time to go up a size… all from 3.6p per nappy, and also available in affordable jumbo packs.

How did this product make your life easier?

Heather: These nappies have been completely leak free for us (so far!) and fit really well. They have caused no nappy rash or skin irritation for our newborn. We also found the wetness indicator very useful.

Laura: I have been really impressed with the shape of the nappies, especially the contoured design for around the umbilical cord, as well as the fit around the leg. Pleased to say no leaks, or irritation and the yellow coloured line is also very sensitive once it detects moisture. But daughter was no wet at all, as these nappies were really absorbant.

Carley: This nappy certainly makes my life easier by several factors. This nappy does not leak. I can go out with confidence every day knowing that the nappy is secure and super absorbent. This also minimises outfit changes and clothes washing levels in my house – I have two children so it’s really important to me that my clothes washing levels are kept as low as possible. This nappy is just as worthy as a expensive nappy but for a very reasonable price, which saves me money on a weekly basis. I now know that I have extra money in my pocket weekly for emergencies or even to spend time with my children doing nice things and not have to worry.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Laura: The Little Angels nappies fitted my daughter perfectly around her legs compared to other supermarket nappies we had tried. They held in, even the most explosive of poos, which made our life as first time parents much easier, the last thing you want to do is be doing is constantly changing and rinsing clothes out due to leaksThe little angels nappies didn’t leak at all, and I felt that they really let my daughters skin breathe, she wasn’t clampy and didn’t have nappy rash at all whilst using these. I would definitely recommend these nappies to a friend as the price is great and a good quality.

Carley: I would recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum because it displays many features that are outstanding. The nappy can tell you if it needs changing without having to look inside- it will display a blue line on the front to tell you its wet. This is a time saver for any mum, undressing and redressing any baby is a challenge! It's also super absorbent, which prevents leakages. This reduces baby’s outfit changes on a day to day basis – again a great time saver! The products features definitely reflects the price, as the nappy is super cheap making it affordable to most mums on the market.

Margaret: I would recommend the Asda Little Angels newborn nappies to a fellow mum/friend. These nappies are very affordable at only 89p per pack which is fantastic as you go through a lot of nappies in the early stages. These nappies are made from feather soft materials which is great for sensitive newborn skin. They also have a guide on the nappy to help identify when to go up a size which is really helpful, especially when you are in the sleep deprived newborn stage. These newborn nappies have a secure but comfortable waistband. We have not had any leaks or blowouts with these nappies which is great.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Naushaba: It is great value for money and I was surprised at how effective the nappies would be at that price. I think it should definitely win at that price. They have a wetness indicator even at that price. I did use on my new born so it would be interesting to see if they are just as absorbent on an older baby. The size up guide was also really useful, have only ever gone by the weight. For that price, an incredible product.

Margaret: I would choose the Asda Little Angel newborn nappies above all others. These nappies are really well designed. They are great at protecting my little girls skin. Newborn skin is so sensitive, these nappies have kept my newborn dry and comfortable. We have not had one leak so far, we had quite a few leaks/blowouts with my first child by this point. So i am really pleased with these nappies. I also really like the contoured design on the waist band to prevent the nappy rubbing the umbilical area. The newborn nappies are so affordable which is great as having a new baby can be very expensive and maternity pay is not the best.

Heather: Having tried a number of different brands Asda nappies ended up being our nappy of choice – the price is good, they are effective and didn’t give our little one nappy rash or any discomfort.

What changes would you make to this product?

Carley: The one thing I would change about this product is that the straps of the nappy could be more flexible and stretchy. Compared to other nappies I’ve used, the straps of this nappy are a bit more restrained. I didn’t want to do them to tight, as I was worried that there wasn’t much room for flexibility for my baby’s stomach to expand with feeds. The strap tags also could have been a bit bigger to be extra secure. However, this factors didn’t affect the use of the nappy.

Heather: It would be nice if his product could be more eco-friendly as this was the only aspect that we didn’t really like.

Naushaba: One of the key features was the flexi fit security waistband that ensured messes were contained in the nappy and where that was great and did exactly as it intended, I always noticed an impression on baby’s waist and wondered if they were too tight even though they were the right size. My little one did not complain and did not look uncomfortable but it was unsightly to see he waistband impression.  I wondered if they were just as absorbent if it wasn’t for the tight fit around the waist.

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