ASDA Little Angels Newborn size 1 nappies review

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ASDA Little Angels Newborn size 1

by Catriona Watson |
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ASDA Little Angels Newborn size 1 nappies at a glance:

ASDA Little Angels Newborn nappies are wonderfully soft and breathable for your bundle of joy. Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, feather-soft materials and SmartFlo™ absorbency ensure sensitive skin is cared for and moisture is absorbed quickly and evenly for comfort. Gently elasticated leg cuffs and a super-stretchy waistband help prevent dreaded explosions and a wetness indicator allows you to check if baby needs changing. A special contoured design helps prevent umbilical irritation and a handy size guide shows you when it's time to go up a size… all from 3.6p per nappy!

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlene: The nappies I found were easy to use and fitted my twin boys great when they were smaller. I did however find that the fuller nappies although it identified they were wet it did infact seem really full after a short period of time similar to some other supermarket own nappies.

Beth: This product makes my life easier as a Mum because they are extremely affordable and really good value for money. They absorb wetness incredibly well and we did not experience any leakage after wearing this nappy for several hours. Plus it has the bonus feature of the wetness indicator which I found useful.

Kelly: Yes this nappy does exactly what I want and expect, its soft and durable material – perfect for a newborn, these nappies fit snugly against baby to make sure there is no leakages but these nappies are flexible enough not to be too tight for baby.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlene: I did like the design of the nappies and for the price of the product especially the smaller sizes you can’t really complain too much about the product. When the twins were smaller, I went through so many Size 0 nappies and I found the Asda Little Angels were a great fit for them. They were easy to use, the comfort seemed great and kept all the contents in place when they were smaller.

Beth: I would recommend this product to another Mum/ friend due to its main selling point - the low price. For me personally, they outweigh the other budget-friendly supermarket brands for comfort and impressive performance. They have a smart, slim design meaning I can fit several into my changing bag no problem as opposed to those that are much thicker and quite bulky.

Kelly: Great value, trusted brand, which are widely available in all stores, even my little ASDA have these nappies in making it easier to pick up when needed. I really like that the yellow line changes to blue when the nappy is wet, I found this is a really handy feature to know when to change the nappy and saves you disturbing your little one to quick. Another feature I really like is that the nappy draws liquid away quickly from the baby and no smell when changing the nappy.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Charlene: We did continue to use Asda Little Angels as well as another supermarket own brand. However, we found for our twins that unfortunately the little angels didn’t fit and hold the contents for the twins as we moved in to size 3 and size 4, and they woke in the night from feeling wet.

Beth: I would choose this product above others on the market again echoing from the previous points the nappies are purse-friendly but in no way do they feel cheap in comparison to the price tag! I’m fairly confident these ‘Little Angels’ nappies would last the whole night due to its smart flo absorbency but as my daughter is only little she is changed much more frequently so we weren’t able to test it for ourselves.

Kelly: The price is excellent, the quality of the product is great, I love that the product is super sensitive for my baby's skin and takes away any wetness straight away so it's not against babies skin. Even if you change a baby straight after the baby has wet you cannot tell as the baby's skin is still super dry, the handy yellow to blue wet indicated is great to let you know when the nappy is full wet and saves you disrupting the baby unnecessarily.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlene: If the could become more absorbent and have a layer to keep the ‘dry’ feeling this would be a winning solution for us personally to use on the twins.

Beth: If I could change one thing about this product I would definitely say sell them in other stores!! My daughter has very sensitive skin so I’m always reluctant to try something different but these were great. The straps were very stretchy to keep the nappy in place the whole time she wore it. They have most certainly improved the quality of these nappies in recent years and I really wouldn’t hesitate to purchase them again. No complaints here.

Kelly: These nappies are so good it’s a shame they aren’t in bigger sizes, the none newborn packs are still great but don’t seem as soft and sensitive as these newborn ones.

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