ASDA Little Angels First Pants – Peppa Pig Range review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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These Limited Edition Peppa Pig First Pants are perfect for active toddlers as they perform like a nappy but pull up like pants, making the step up to underwear simple. They're wonderfully soft to keep your on-the-go toddler comfy and have absorbent gel beads to help keep them dry, whilst the quick-release seams and pull-up action make changing your little wriggler that little bit easier!

How did this product make your life easier?

Amanda: The little angels nappy pants, were much easier to put on compared to normal nappies, and were just as absorbent, perfect for night times. They are slimline so they were much more portable and easier to store than nappies and I like that they were dermatologically tested as we have an eczema baby. The material was soft and the tear side seams made them easy to take off.

Caroline: My 1.5 yo can be fussy when trying to get a nappy on him, so very surprised when he brought the pack to me once he noticed Peppa Pig. He was trying to take his current nappy off so that I could this one on him. Once on he was so happy and showed off the image of Peppa and George to his brother and dad. So these nappy pants were very helpful in getting him to wear to put a nappy on rather than trying to run off. However trying to get it off was a little more difficult, as the sides the ‘rip off' was very difficult to pull apart, on one sense it’s good that its secure (won't pull apart by accident) but on the other it’s harder to take off and sometimes time is of the essence when you have a fidgety child.

Aimi: I was hesitant at first as when I have previously used nappy pants I’ve felt they’re not as secure as ordinary nappies but these are great and we’ve had no leaks. Plus my son loves that they have familiar characters on, so he’s entertained during nappy changes and less wriggly, which makes life easier!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Melanie: I would recommend this product to other fellow mums, having tried a lot of nappies I like the material and quality of these items. I am not a fan of the Asda Little Angels brand but do like this new Peppa Pig pull up design. My daughter loves Peppa so I will happily go and get a nappy out of her changing bag and note the characters on the design. It’s also encouraged her speech as she will say Peppa when she brings the nappy.

Caroline: I would definitely recommend based on the aesthetic design (Peppa pig) however the actually fit was rather disappointing. My 1.5 yo and 4 to tried these (both in same size nappy, 4yo just for nights) but neither had a great fit around the waist, they felt quite loose. And they were quite loose around the legs. Although we did not experience any leaks, we were lucky to not have any no.2s....which I fear would have resulted in a mess.

Amanda: I wouldn’t recommend this product as unfortunately the fit wasn’t great for us and we experienced leakage as well as a few falling nappies. I felt the waist wasn’t elasticated enough to get a snug fit. Also, when you tear the sides to remove the nappy there wasn’t any way to neatly fold and secure the used nappies like you can with a normal nappy. So, I had to always carry a nappy bag to dispose of the pants.

Would you choose this product to win?

Melanie: As a pull-up product I would consider using this item above others on the market. However, I do highly rate the quality of LIDL nappies in general and have predominantly stuck to their brand due to their competitive price and quality. However, kids love branding so the Peppa theme is fantastic for making changing times a bit easier for mums as it most definitely keeps my daughters’ interest.

Caroline: I think for night time pants (less likelihood of poos) I would buy these again just for the Peppa theme, which my boys recognised and loved. It’s an early version of pants with characters on. It’s unique as none of the other nappies on the market have recognisable characters. However, without Peppa, I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

Michelle: I don’t think I would use this product above others on the market – this is because when wet the nappy feels grainy and can sag slightly. Also, I haven’t worked out a good way to fold up the nappy when dirty – it doesn’t seem to have a tab that can be used to roll it up which can be tricky. However, if I was in Asda I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amanda: I’d suggest including some sort of tabs on the nappy that make it easy to fold in on itself once used. Changing a wriggling baby is difficult, and being able to easily dump wipes into the nappy and fold it neatly in on itself would make life much easier. For normal nappies you can use the tabs on the waistband, other brands also have tabs on nappy pants so they are a little easier to dispose of, once you tear away the sides.

Caroline: I would probably focus on the fit a little more, more secure and tighter waist and leg holes. As a mum as much as I want to save money and have a fun design, I really want the nappy to do its job: stay on and prevent leaks.

Melanie: One thing I do not like about the design is removing soiled nappies as I think this is where pull-ups still fail. This brand did not have a tab to ensure the nappy is kept closed and compact once removed meaning that it was a bit of a messy job. I think the design would be improved if a tab was added to close as I have seen with other pull up brands as it just makes life a bit easier and less messy.

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