Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Size 3 nappies review

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Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Size 3 nappies

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These Mamia Ultra Dry Size 3 nappies provide your baby with up to 12 hours day and night protection. They have twice the absorbency that locks away wetness, keeping your baby dry and fresh. It also distributes the liquid evenly to help prevent sagging for added comfort.

The slim design allows freedom of movement and the super stretchy sides and flexible leg cuffs help prevent leaks. Mamia Ultra Dry Air System™ nappies are soft and breathable against your baby's soft skin. They are also dermatologically tested & Hypoallergenic.

This product has also won a Silver 2024 Mother&Baby Award.

Testing the Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Size 3 nappies

Find out how our army of mum testers got on with the Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry Size 3 nappies.

Bethany said: This nappy does exactly what I expect it to do. The price is amazing and it is my go-to nappy brand and has been from day one. These nappies in my opinion are a lot better than some of the high end brands like Pampers. The price is great so I feel that these are affordable for everyone. This is a brand you can also pick up whilst doing your shopping and I feel that Aldi's are never too far away, there is always one local.

Gail said: The main thing which makes life easier as a mum with this product is simply the cost. These nappies are absolutely excellent value for money for disposable nappies. They are of excellent quality for their low cost, and otherwise are exactly the same as other disposable nappies on the market in terms of their ease of use etc, even those which cost much more.

Georgina said: These are my favourite nappy which helpfully come from the supermarket we shop at. The price per nappy is unbeatable and they are far better than the market leader. Its nice to know I can pick them up with my main supermarket shop and that stocking up isnt going to push my bill up. The fit is good, no leaks and they can contain most poo explosions.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Bethany said: I would recommend these nappies for sure as the price is great but the nappies themselves are great. We have had a few leaks here and there with these nappies but I feel that this was not the nappies fault. I think there was just far too much. The price is easy on your pocket so therefore you are saving and are able to put that money elsewhere. The nappies have won awards in the past and this was the reason I tried them and I can only expect them to win awards going forward.

Gail said: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum simply based on their low cost alone. They do exactly the same as other more expensive brands on the market. They have a nice bright design, are folded up nice and compact meaning they fit easily into the changing bag, are thick and of good quality, and are easy to use. I like that they are packed tightly into the outer packaging, meaning there is little excess plastic packaging, which is better for the environment.

Georgina said: I would and do recommend these to other mums. The value for money based on price per nappy is unbeatable. They easily last 12 hours for night time sleep without leaking and can even contain a morning poo on top of that. The nappies have a cute design and are clearly marked with the size which is handy if you have multiple children in different size nappies. In summary – bargain price, great capacity, no strange smells and no leaks – PERFECT!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Bethany said: I would buy these over and over nappies on the product as the price is great but also I have had no issues with the nappy either. I think the price is what makes it stand out the most but also the awards they have won. To be honest I was quite wary of buying them as they are so cheap but since trying them there is not any other brand I would trust. My baby also seems to not have an issue with them either and have not experienced any nappy rashes whilst using these.

Gail said: I have no hesitation to say that yes I would choose this product above all others on the market and yes I do think this product should win! It is of no lesser quality than other brands on the market which cost much more. It is definitely the price which makes this product stand out. With 2 young children and being on maternity leave, the cost of things is obviously very important to me, but I would be foolish to pay more for other brands when this one performs just as well as them, if not better than some.

Georgina said: This product should win as it provides an amazing quality at a bargain price point. Each nappy is at least half the cost of the market leader but functions just as well and in my opinion better than the market leader. It features a cute and unisex animal design with the front and back of the nappy easily identified by the drawing of the animal. Such a fun detail. Handy to have the size marked on the nappy so you can easily differentiate. This nappy has a great capacity with good fit and no leaks. Perfect for day and night.

What changes would you make to this product?

Bethany said:  If I could change one thing it would be the designs on the nappy. The animals on the nappies are quite bright and vibrant. They are very cute and however, as they are so bright you can see them through the clothes pretty much all the time. If the colour on the nappy was toned down slightly maybe you wouldn't see them as much. This is a very picky reason as I feel that the nappy is overall the best and does the job. I am looking forward to see what the next sizes up are like but can only imagine they will be just as good.

Gail said: I don't think I would change anything about this product really! If I had to make something up, I would say that perhaps a line which changes colour when the nappy has absorbed some liquid, like the smaller sizes have, could still be handy at times even in this size nappy, as they are as so absorbent that it is still not always easy to tell. But I’m really scratching around for something to say for this!

Georgina said: I would love if these nappies came in a bigger pack so I could bulk buy them as we get through plenty and I currently buy two singles packs at a time. With this it would be great if they could be packaged in a cardboard box or compostable/recyclable packaging to reduce plastic waste. Otherwise, I am happy with the product as it is.

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