24 wellness and beauty gift ideas for those in need of some TLC

24 wellness and beauty gift ideas for those in need of some TLC

by Stephanie Spencer |
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All you can think about is how long this year has been, and most crucially, how much you need a night or two to just relax and treat your skin to some goodness.

Now Christmas is just around the corner, it's time to put yourself first with a bit of retail therapy, or, take note and drop some serious hints.

From beauty advent calendars to bath gift sets that smell divine, here are some gorgeous bundles to get you excited for the long-overdue nights in to take care of your hair, skin, and self, during the festive period.

We've found the best beauty and wellness gifts that are perfect for a little TLC this Christmas.

Beauty gifts for a little TLC:


Wellness/Beauty Gift Guide

Australian pink clay mask1 of 24

1) Australian pink clay mask, £41.90, Sand and Sky

Soak this luxurious pink clay mask into your skin for amazing results. This clay mask will detoxify your skin in ten minutes. It will clear your skin's congestion and prevent any breakouts later down the line.

12 days of Christmas2 of 24

2) 12 days of Christmas, £80, Lush

Swap chocolate with 12 days worth of Christmas goodies from Lush, this year. If you're a lover of baths and anything to treat your skin, the 12 days of Christmas calendar is calling your name.

Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil3 of 24

3) Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil, £35, VOYA

Now it's Winter, we could all do with slathering on some nourishing body oil... We love this gem from VOYA, which is the world's first seaweed-based luxury oil (#wellness) and has gorgeous notes of lime and mandarin.

Spa luxetique rose bath gift set4 of 24

4) Spa luxetique rose bath gift set, £19.98, Amazon

Now, this is how to treat someone at Christmas. This bath gift set includes everything from beautiful bottles of body lotion to a handful of glorious bath bombs to choose from. Your skin will feel nourished and rejuvenated in no time.

Luna mini 3 facial cleanser5 of 24

5) Luna mini 3 facial cleanser, £139, Feel Unique

If you're looking to spend a good amount to achieve an excellent cleanse, this electric face cleanser will achieve that natural skin glow. It will ​remove all the sweat, oil and dirt from the pores and leave your skin feeling brand new for Christmas!

Me time Gift Set6 of 24

7) Me time Gift Set, £41.50, Box of Hugs

The Me Time gift set is a lovely box includes a card with a message of your choice, the 100 Hugs (A Little Book of Comfort) book which is filled with uplifting messages, eye masks, and more.

Coco u0026 Eve that's a wrap bundle7 of 24

7) Coco & Eve that's a wrap bundle, £39.90, Amazon

Give your hair some love with the Coco & Eve bundle of goodies, including their microfibre towel wrap, their tangle tamer to get rid of all the knots, and their coconut and fig hair masque for a return of your smooth and healthy hair.

Mum's mini spa in a bag8 of 24

8) Mum's mini spa in a bag, £21.25, The Little Picture Company

Need a spa day but would rather do it all at home? This mini spa in a bag is the perfect gift for this Christmas. The bag includes a bottle of premium vanilla bath salts, a scented candle, and a bar of scented olive soap. If you're after more of the spa experience, you can upgrade your package with breakfast in bed coupons and rose petals!

Himalayan salt lamp9 of 24

9) Himalayan salt lamp, £11.99, Amazon

It's time to take control of your sleepless nights and stress levels with this Himalayan salt lamp. This lamp will turn your nights around by helping you sleep better, improve your breathing, increase your energy, and so much more.

De Mamiel skin recovery blend10 of 24

10) De Mamiel skin recovery blend, £95, Cult Beauty

This recovery blend from De Mamiel does exactly what it says - recovers your skin. If you suffer from dry or irritated skin during the cooler months, (or even eczema and dermatitis), their cool-blend balm is the perfect addition to your skincare routine this winter.

Lemon and Tea Tree Face Scrub11 of 24

11) Lemon and Tea Tree Face Scrub, £8.95, Grounded Body Scrub

This face scrub leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It will enrich and sort your skin out with extra virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil. You can also use this life-saving scrub to smooth your skin before applying make-up or fake tan!

Feather u0026 Down Bathtime Bliss12 of 24

12) Feather & Down Bathtime Bliss, £7.50, Boots

Start your relaxing this winter with the Feather & Down Bathtime Bliss set from Boots. This gorgeous set includes their lavender and chamomile infused Bath Essence and Shower Cream, moisturising body lotion, and their award-winning pillow spray to guarantee your full 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Spacemasks Self-Heating Eye Mask - 5 pack13 of 24

13) Spacemasks Self-Heating Eye Mask - 5 pack, £15, Feel Unique

Now that eye masks are the 2019 self-care trend, it's about time you tried it out for yourself. Spacemasks are self-heating eye masks that relieve any tiredness, eye strain, and just solve all the problems you once thought you had.

Luckies Big Night In Wellbeing Gift Set14 of 24

14) Luckies Big Night In Wellbeing Gift Set, £34.95, John Lewis

Treat your special one who is feeling burned out to the Big Night In set from John Lewis. This lovely bundle of goodies includes a mug, cosy socks, a heavenly candle that will help you relax, a sleep mask, and a mindfulness puzzle for your long overdue night in.

Wonder Balm Cleanser15 of 24

15) Wonder Balm Cleanser, £14.85, Not On The High Street

The Wonder Balm cleanser repairs your tired skin's properties and reduces inflammation. If you need something to save your skin big time, the Wonder Balm also reduces stress and anxiety, so it's a real winner!

Skinade Clear 60 Day Supply16 of 24

16) Skinade Clear 60 Day Supply, £180, Skinade

If your skin is looking a bit on the tired side, skinade Targeted Solutions Clear will sort you out. These solutions achieve healthier-looking skin, fewer breakouts, and clearer looking skin. This pack includes liquid sachets and a slow delivery capsule component to get amazing results.

Dr. Bronner's Green Tea Organic Soap Bar17 of 24

17) Dr. Bronner's Green Tea Organic Soap Bar, £5.35, Big Green Smile

Treat those breakouts that keep appearing at the most inconvenient times. The Green Tea Soap Bar not only uses green tea to fight off any blemishes but includes antioxidant properties: vitamin A, C, and E combined and many more.

Westlab Mindful Bathing Salts18 of 24

18) Westlab Mindful Bathing Salts, £3.49, Holland and Barrett

Westlab's Mindful Bath Salts help you feel calm, relaxed and at peace with yourself after a long day. This 100% natural, vegan blend puts your body into relaxation, with the help of Frankincense and Bergamot essential oils, and CBD (cannabidiol).

Mavala Nude Trio19 of 24

19) Mavala Nude Trio, £10.69, Look Fantastic

We all know that to feel your best, your nails have to look good. The Mavala Nude trio will have your nails looking sophisticated and feeling like another level of smooth. Mavala ensures the polish has a long duration as well as an easy application.

NEOM Organics Real Luxury Standard Scented Candle20 of 24

20) NEOM Organics Real Luxury Standard Scented Candle, £32, Look Fantastic

It's time to make your home nice and cosy for the season, which calls for candles. NEOM's Real Luxury Candle is a comforting fragrance that will soothe and relax you, which is made with extracts of lavender, jasmine, and, Brazilian rosewood.

Lovendu Ultimate Planner Bundle21 of 24

Lovendu Ultimate Planner Bundle

Check in with yourself and keep on-track with this planner bundle from Lovendu. It comes with your choice of planner, notepad and notebook, as well as a Lovendu pen to help you get your thoughts onto paper.
Reviewed by Arabella Horspool, our Commercial Content Writer: "This Ultimate Planner Bundle from Lovendu would make a wonderful present for those who enjoy journaling. It's beautifully presented and the products themselves give you space to set goals and keep track of your week."

Blackout Activated charcoal vulva mask22 of 24

21) Blackout Activated charcoal vulva mask, £28, Two Lips

Introducing the world's first vulva mask by vagina skincare experts TWO LIPS.

This mask will soothe, detoxify, and moisturise the vulva, as well as rejuvenate the skin. Not only have Two Lips recently celebrated their first anniversary, they have also expanded the range to include Bumpps serum, a clever formula created to treat post-hair removal folliculitis that occurs on the surface of the skin

Please note: vulva masks are not safe to useduring pregnancy.

Spa Gift vouchers23 of 24

22) Spa Gift vouchers, from £25, Titanic Spa

Whether it is a girly weekend away, a couples retreat or a luxury spa day, what could be better than giving the gift of wellness and relaxation?

What better place then Titanic Spa, the UK’s first and original multi-award-winning eco-spa
Known as a luxury haven and a firm favourite amongst celebrities, the spa provides excellent treatments by advanced professionals and maintains a truly unique, peaceful atmosphere.

Vouchers are available for spa treatments and experiences as well as £25 and £50 values.

Lumi body glo illuminator24 of 24

23) Lumi body glo illuminator, £29.99, Polished London

The Lumi Body Glo illuminator creates the radiant glow you've been searching all over for. This is the perfect addition to your make-up collection and lovely to use all through the year.


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