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Tilbea London Matilda Dress

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Tilbea London Matilda Dress at a glance:

Embrace your bump, don't hide it! "So long" stripes, "adios" grey marl, "Bye Bye" black. Unleash your wild side in this vibrant, stylish, leopard print maternity dress.Matilda was designed with comfort and longevity in mind. The subtle ruching on the waist, allows the dress to grow with your bump, but also provides a figure flattering "wow factor" post baby. The material is durable, soft and supportive giving you and baby a truly colourful, comfortable experience. Breastfeeding baby? This dress will take you on that journey too, with its easy lift up panel it's perfect for stylish, discreet feeding.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jennifer: It is a beautiful dress, made to a high standard. It is so eady to wear, making it very convenient to pull on in a morning ready for the day and you can team it with so much. As a mum of a toddler and being pregnant I love this as its stretchy so I can still get on with running round after the toddler whilst being comfy and looking nice while pregnant.

Chelsea: This is a great product because I feel as a mum I throw on leggings and a baggy top that fits over the bump and most maternity clothes are really expensive. It’s really comfortable and is a. I’ve thick stretchy material, it doesn’t go see through either once it stretches over the bump which I love. It’s got a peep hole for feeding once baby arrives and I feel it’s thick enough to pull in my post partum tum too! It’s bold and bright and a lovely colour. It just makes you feel a little bit nicer. I wouldn’t wear it for school run but it’s a lovely weekend or occasion dress.

Philippa: It’s so nice to find a dress that makes me feel confident despite my ever increasing size! I absolutely love wearing this dress, it is figure hugging but looks great with a bump! I have worn it a couple of times now, once where my bump was still fairly small and the second time when I was much bigger and I have felt comfortable both times. It suits a range of occasions and can be dressed up or down depending on the event, I am also planning on wearing it to work.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Grace: This dress is great for breastfeeding in. When I'm in it I feel good about my new postpartum body. It is a good length and SO stretchy which makes it very comfortable to wear. I also love that the fabric is thick enough to hide your underwear even when bent over to reach baby. It's lovely to have a little dignity after childbirth! I recieved the raspberry colour way and found it a really nice, flattering colour and not overly bright.

Jessica: As a mum having a great selection of maternity wear can be essential for your well being and making you still feel like you, even when your growing in size. Having something that is really stylish and bold really helped me and I think it can really help other mums too. Over all the design of the dress was lovely.

Hannah: The fabric used to make this dress is the main selling point for me. It feels very luxurious due to the thickness and incredible softness. I’ve worn it while 38 weeks pregnant and it felt so supportive of my bump. It’s also super flattering. The way the access flap sits in under the bust really cinches you in and I felt really confident wearing it! The vibrant colour and print also makes this dress stand out from others.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Brigid: Yes. Personally, I really struggled with feeding my first in public. As a result, I used to pump before I went out which resulted in me feeding me for only 5 months. With this dress, I now feel more confident when out in public feeding my second baby. The material in the dress is incredibly supportive, so when I lift the flap, the material is well made making it discreet, subtle and efficient to access so then I can easily unclip my nursing bra. This really helps with reducing my anxiety around breast feeding in public. Ultimately, I don’t feel exposed which is a big plus for me. Bottom line, this is a very well-designed dress from quality material and it shows, yet remains incredibly fashionable and it gets many compliments. I feel so feminine.

Frances: There are a lot of maternity clothes on the market now more than ever and lots of dresses that follow the same design as the Matilda. However there is little out there that provides the quality the Matilda dress has and even after a couple of washes the print is still as bold as ever there is no bobbling to the fabric and it still fits as it should. There was no overstretching caused by wearing it with a growing bump as it still fits really well post birth. I really think this dress should win within the best maternity wear category it really is a beautiful dress.

Chelsea: I’ve bought many maternity clothes and really do find you get what you pay for. This is my 3rd baby and so I have had lots of different buys with different seasons as well as multiple events to go to. I’ve never found a dress like this. It’s got access to feed. It doesn’t look like a maternity dress as it doesn’t have the ruched sides so once baby’s here I’ll still be able to get away with it! I feel that it’s not too expensive as lots of maternity and nursing clothes are really expensive.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jennifer: At first I thought it was a little pricey and is more than I would usually spend on a dress. However after wearing it and being so comfy I think it would be something I would chose. It is also great that it has the breastfeeding part to the top of it meaning it is easy to transition from pregnancy into motherhood wearing it, giving you more wear out of it.

Hannah: The main thing I would change is the price. It’s a little higher end than most of the maternity clothes I and my friends would buy...as maternity wear isn't something you really buy for the long term. Saying that, I think this dress could possibly pass as non maternity so it could last longer? I’d maybe also offer some other prints/colour ways as the colours on offer may be too bright for some.

Brigid: The one change that I would make to this beautiful product is to give a maxi dress option with a slits up the side. It is just my personal preference as I love a maxi dress style. Other than that suggestion, it is a beautiful dress, well designed and great investment. This dress will feature in my wardrobe for years to come.

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