Spatone Liquid Iron Supplement with added Vitamin C and Apple Flavour review

from Spatone
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by Catriona Watson |
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These convenient, one-a-day sachets are packed with the taste of juicy, ripe apples to make iron supplementation not only easy but tasty too! One sachet of Spatone Apple can provide you with your recommended daily amount of iron and Vitamin C, well-known for its ability to increase iron absorption. Vitamin C contributes to a healthy immune and nervous system whilst also supporting our energy metabolism, thus reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sam: I have already recommended this product to a friend who said she had low energy levels. I love that the product is in a sachet form which makes it easy for on-the-go. I had a spare one in my bag just in case I forgot to take a dose in the morning. The box is quite large but it does hold 28 sachets, so it is not necessarily something you would have on the kitchen counter.

Aimee: The Spatone Liquid Iron is compact and easy to use. It is provided in a single serve format. You rip off the top, drink and dispose of the packaging. It is perfect for keeping in your bag and it is baby-proof. The taste is very palatable with a sweet apple tang. This product is suitable not only for mums but anyone with low iron.

Leeanne: I like that it is a drinkable liquid instead of a large tablet. I would recommend this to other mums and mothers-to-be who suffer from morning sickness as I found tablets quite hard to keep down. The idea of a liquid is a lot better. The taste is just like apple juice with no funny aftertaste.

How did this product make your life easier?

Ashleigh: This product was better for me as the iron in tablet form made me feel nauseous. It was simple and I could pour a couple of sachets into a glass of orange juice which I would normally drink anyway.

Natalie: As an expectant mother, Spatone Apple was a quick and easy way to ensure I had consumed the recommended dose of iron and vitamin C. The little packets are easy to rip open so no scissors are needed. It is very quick and easy when you need an energy boost. I always took mine to work and had it at lunchtime when I was starting to feel a little sluggish. It's difficult to know if it did help to increase my energy as I always took it with food so my energy levels may have increased anyway.

Amy: As a busy mum of an active toddler, I often find myself making a drink and not having time to drink it - this includes soluble vitamin drinks. The Spatone Apple is ideal as you simply open the sachet and drink it directly. There is no washing up, no mixing with water and sachets or tablets. Its quick and easy and you can do it in seconds even when hiding from the little ones.

Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: This product not only tasted great but it was easy and quick to use. I like that it contained natural ingredients. The packaging was good as it was convenient. It may not be good for the environment as each portion was individually packaged. I think this iron product is better than others on the market as it's easy and convenient.

Sam: Yes it should win and for three main reasons. Iron supplements are often in tablet form which I find difficult to take. This is a liquid which is much more pleasant. I like the taste and the apple flavour makes it much more appealing and enjoyable. It has great health benefits. I am pregnant and since taking the Spatone Liquid Iron I have noticed a positive difference in my energy levels.

Aimee: These are easy to use with clean, tidy and functional packaging. They taste sweet and tangy and can be consumed in one sip. It does leave an iron/metallic aftertaste but this comes with all iron liquid supplements. They are easy to store and the packaging is both strong and baby-proof. The price is OK. You can find them cheaper online where 30p per unit is a good price.

What changes would you make to this product?

Leeanne: The flavour of the product is great as it tastes amazing compared to other iron supplements. The packaging let the product down. If I didn't look into it, I wouldn't have known what the product was. I would make the packaging a bit more appealing and self-explanatory for when mums are in a rush.

Ashleigh: I would change the smell of the liquid. It's not very appetising because it smells quite chemical which can put you off from taking it. If it smelt a little bit more like apple that would help.

Natalie: I would ensure the packaging was completely secure. The sachets occasionally became sticky so were possibly leaking slightly. The design and ease of opening the sachets are good but more of a balance is needed between securing the product and making it easy to open.

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