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Pregnancy journals

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When you're in the thick of pregnancy, it can feel like it lasts forever. But when you're through the other side and your baby is finally here, in hindsight it can feel like actually, it went by in a flash. That's why parents-to-be need one of our picks of the best pregnancy journals in their lives. They're a dedicated place where you can chronicle your pregnancy journey, reflecting on the growth, emotions and memories that you want to hold onto. You can then revisit this lovely keepsake on those days you're feeling nostalgic.

While you can of course buy yourself a pregnancy journal (in fact, we encourage it!), they also make fabulous gifts for friends and family, whether it's for a baby showeror even a birthday present.

Whatever your reason, here are our favourite pregnancy journals you can order today.

Our pick of the best pregnancy journals

Best hardback pregnancy journal
Growing You_ A Pregnancy & Birth Story Book

Rrp: $35.00

Price: $18.93
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Target$20.49View offer

This elegant keepsake journal and memory book is designed with a timeless look and archival paper so that you can one day pass it along to your little one. You’ll find space to journal your feelings and experiences about pregnancy and your birth story plus a section to document your prenatal appointments and growth.

Pocket folder: Yes

Pros: Has space for you to write down your birth plan
Cons: Some felt the book was a bit old fashioned

Review: “I am only 6+5 pregnant and this is my first pregnancy-related purchase as I'm still a bit superstitious. The journal arrived yesterday and oh boy does it make me feel all motherly! It's stunning, very thoughtful and just so so so classy in every way. The way she's worded her sentences is superb, very gentle, very supportive. She really thought of every outcome.”

Best cloth-bound pregnancy journal
Pregnancy Journal

Rrp: $15.99

Price: $14.49

You'll find oodles of space to note down your feelings and thoughts for the 40 weeks and beyond of your pregnancy in this cloth-bound journal. You can keep track of the physical changes you're undergoing week by week as well as record notes about visits with your doctor, test results, questions you might have, and more. It’s also packed with time-targeted information about pregnancy, week by week, trimester by trimester.

Pocket folder: Yes

Pros: You can learn what's happening to your body and baby week-by-week too
Cons: Some reviews mention wanting more room to write their thoughts

Review: “I’m over the moon with how beautiful this journal is, and for the price!? I looked at a lot of others which just seemed like glorified notebooks with a few questions repeated throughout. Not this journal, it has tailored information per week (that is useful rather than cringe), thoughtful questions to fill in and it’s designed so beautifully! I’m so glad I bought this and would get it as a gift for others in future for sure.”

Best personalised pregnancy journal

Available in A5 and A4 sizes and wire-bound so it can be easily flipped open or laid flat to scribble in, this gorgeous journal has space to capture notes and even pictures every week of the pregnancy, along with suggestions of the important milestones to include, the details of the birth and extra notes pages, printed on thick white paper. You can even personalise it with mum's name in gold, silver or copper for an extra special touch.

Pocket folder: Yes

Pros: You can choose the colour of your journal and the colour of the foiling
Cons: Could have more space to write about each week

Review: "The mum-to-be was thrilled with this gift and is now happily recording bump memories."

Best week-by-week pregnancy journal

Inside this special journal is a week-by-week pregnancy diary (arranged by trimester and covering weeks 8 to 42) plus plenty of pages to document your scans and bump photos. The lists will help you feel organised and there is even space to write down your birth story to capture all the little details. We love the weekly self-care pages that aim to remind you to take good care of yourself.

Pocket folder: No

Pros: Has room to put photos as well as words
Cons: There are no blank pages for jotting down your thoughts without being prompted

Review: "A unique journal to keep track of special memories from our pregnancy. There are spaces for inserting photos and keeping a weekly track of your pregnancy progress."

Best pregnancy journal and reference book combined

Part reference book and part journal, this unique planner is packed full of advice and inspiration for you, your baby and your home. A warm, witty and non-judgemental companion for all parents-to-be, the dip-in-dip-out format of this pregnancy journal allows you to pick your priorities, and plan what matters most to you, aiming to help you to enter this exciting next chapter feeling calm, confident and ready to welcome your new baby.

Pocket folder: No

Pros: Helps to get you organised in the run up to your little one arriving
Cons: Some parents-to-be may not like the informational sections

Review: "Bought this for my daughter and she was delighted with it. So much more than just a journal, full of lots of tips and information."

Best pregnancy journal and diary combined

This vibrant A5 pregnancy journal has lots of room for appointments, scans, plans, lists as well as hints, milestones and more. There are dedicated pages for your dates, GP/hospital and midwife appointments, scans, blood tests and jabs, movement tracker and birth plan. You'll also find to-do lists, notes pages, advice, and information such as what to pack for the hospital.

Pocket folder: No

Pros: Room to track milestones as well as appointments
Cons: Some parents-to-be may prefer an A4 sized book

Recommended pregnancy journal
Expecting You

Rrp: $14.95

Price: $13.91

If you're already an avid journaler, this handy little journal is perfect for you to carry on the go to record all your wonderful new thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout your pregnancy. Use this diary and the prompts to reflect on moments for yourself, share with loved ones, or write down special messages for your bundle of joy.

Pocket folder: No

Pros: Has good quality, thick paper
Cons: Some parents-to-be wished the diary had more structure

Review: "I love this journal!! Some reviews say there are too many pages for writing, which almost made me not get it, but I think it’s perfect! There are so many cute positive quotes, I like the questions that are asked, and I think it’s great to have a few extra pages to write your thoughts down or write to your child. If you don’t have much to say, you could use the extra room for dad to write or for a picture or two. The book is also good quality and I like that you can take off the “expecting you” cover and it just looks like a normal journal. That way, people don’t know your business :). Overall, I was hesitant to purchase this journal and I am so glad I did!"

Best pregnancy journal to document pregnancy and beyond
Bump To Birthday: Pregnancy & First Year Journal
Price: $30.56

This journal will be a lovely little keepsake to show your little one when they've grown up. It has space for you to document your pregnancy journey and how you felt throughout each trimester, as well as pages to log your baby's development throughout their first year.

Pros: Has room for you to put photos, scans, footprints and more
Cons: Some parents-to-be may want a separate journal for documenting baby's first year

Review: "I came across this book by chance and thought my daughter-in-law would like it as she is expecting their first baby. There were several other books of a similar kind but this one really caught my eye. It’s a hardback, beautifully laid out and a joy to complete. She is thrilled to be recording her thoughts as well as the baby’s family history. Highly recommended."


What are the benefits of keeping a pregnancy journal?

The journey of pregnancy is a complete rollercoaster with many highs and lows. A pregnancy journal will help you to keep track of everything that is happening to your body and will give you a place to document your thoughts and feelings throughout. You may be surprised to hear that keeping a journal throughout your pregnancy has a number of benefits.

Memory keeping

A lot happens when you're growing a baby. Each week brings new symptoms, new challenges and new experiences. By the time your baby arrives, you'll have probably forgotten a lot of what happened in the early stage of your pregnancy. A journal will give you somewhere to log each week at a time so you can remember each part of the experience in detail when you look back on it.

Track symptoms

Using your journal to track your symptoms throughout every trimester is really important. By writing everything down, you'll have a quick referenece guide of when the symptom started so you can track any changes or see patterns emerging. This should help you see whether you need to make any changes to your daily routine or if you need further investigation by a midwife or doctor.

Manage appointments

Many pregnancy journals have sections where you can write down midwife and doctors appointments so you can easily see where you need to be on any given day.

An outlet for your feelings

Pregnancy is an exciting journey for any parents-to-be, but it can be quite daunting and scary at times. Your journal can be the place you write down your thoughts and feeling and track every high and every low. It will help your mental health to document all of your emotions throughout the 40 weeks and beyond.

What should be recorded in a pregnancy journal?

The beauty about a pregnancy diary is that you can document exactly what you want to. There are no set rules to what you should and shouldn't log. You may want to concentrate on your body's changes or the stages in your baby's development in the womb. Jot down your thoughts and feelings. Or, use one like planner to keep track of your appointments. A pregnancy journal can even combine a number of these ideas.

Our biggest tip would be to write down all the moments you'll want to remember. No matter how big or small they are. You may be tempted to document just the happier moments, like when you've felt your baba kick for the first time or foods you're craving. But don't forget to write down other things, such as morning sickness, weight gain or foods you suddenly dislike. You'll love to have those moments to look back on just as much, trust us.

When should you start a pregnancy journal?

There's no set time for you to start your pregnancy diary. It may be something you want to start the moment you find out you're expecting or it could be once you've had your 12 week or 20 week scans. It's entirely up to you. The important thing is you don't put too much pressure on yourself to keep a log. It should be a fun activity for you to complete and not feel like a chore.

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