Olivia Bowen’s hospital bag must-haves

Olivia Bowen Hospital Bag

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Former Love Island finalist, Olivia Bowen, gave us an insight into what she will be packing in her hospital bag. The reality star is getting ready for the arrival of her first baby with her partner Alex. Olivia shared on social media that the pair will are expecting their baby in June. The mother-to-be has been proudly showing her bump, and we are all for it. Olivia took to social media and asked friends and family for advice on what she could pack in her hospital bag. After compiling an extensive list, she broke down what her favourite item is - here's a look at Olivia Bowen's hospital bag must-haves.

When should you pack your hospital bag?

It is recommended that you get your hospital bag ready at least three weeks before you are due to give birth. Babies often don't like sticking to their due dates its a good idea to get prepared in advance to avoid panicking.

Here are a list of essentials you will need:

1 Hospital notes

2 Comfortable clothing for delivery

3 Three changes of loose, comfortable clothes

4 Two or three comfortable and supportive bras, including nursing bras if you're planning to breastfeed

5 Breast pads

6 Three packets of maternity pads

7 Seven pairs of underwear

8 Your washbag with your hygiene products

9 A fan or water spray to cool you down

10 Front-opening or loose-fitting nighties or tops if you're going to breastfeed

11 Dressing gown and slippers

12 Snacks and drinks

13 A TENS machine if you intend to use one

14 any medicines you need

For the baby, you might want to pack:

1 Bodysuits, vests and sleepsuits

2 An outfit for going home in

3 A hat, scratch mittens and socks

4 Plenty of nappies

5 A blanket

6 Muslins

7 A car seat

8 Anything you may need for feeding - bottles, pre-made formula, breast pump

Olivia Bowden's Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Best pain relief comb

Olivia says she will be using a wooden comb like this for pain relief.

Water Bottle with straw

Spiritz for Bitz was the most recommend item when Olivia asked her friends and family what to pack. Spirtz for Bitzs  is safe to use on perineal wounds which have been stitched and gives relief.

It can get very hot in labour, Olivia plans to use a hand-held fan to cool herself down.

Olivia is packing an eye mask in case it is too bright when she wants to nap.

Tens machine

Olivia plans to use a TENS machine as a pain relief.

Olivia has filled small travel bottles with her favourite shampoos and conditioners.

Olivia says she has been using this throughout her pregnancy. This stick is great for relieving tension in your lower back after labour.

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