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DreamWizard is a multi-functional pillow which can be used during pregnancy, postpartum or whilst breastfeeding. It's the only pillow with adjustable back support no matter the mother’s height and phase of pregnancy. The unique microbead filling makes DreamWizard hypoallergenic, breathable and adjustable to the shape of your body.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Connie: This product is just a dream! when pregnant, sleeping can become so uncomfortable and restless as your body is changing all over the place and before I tried the dream wizard I would wake in such pain and discomfort. However, since using this dream wizard I feel like I am able to get a much more relaxed sleep and am able to lay comfortably by wrapping my body around the cushion to where it feels best.

Emma: Great product which is extremely versatile - can be used as a pillow for sleeping whilst pregnant, breastfeeding, and supporting baby. Extra back pillow stops you rolling onto your back whilst sleeping and provides extra support. Washable covers in a variety of lovely designs. Only drawbacks are the zip is quite short which makes removing the cover a bit tricky, and the beanbag filling can be a bit noisy if you move around whilst using it! However, I like the fact that the beanbag interior is also hypoallergenic and breathable.

Zena: This was really useful when used as a nest for baby. My 7 week old snuggled nicely into the nest and napped soundly in it. It was light enough to move around the house from room to room for when you needed to put baby down for a few minutes giving you some much needed time back. It was easy to turn from a pillow into the nest for baby and really well made.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Hannah: This is so comfy and really enjoyed the multifunction ability of it. Reasonably compact and easy to change from one item to another. My toddler likes using it as a backrest for watching movies. Very nice design. Much more comfortable in bed at night and can adapt to lots of different positions which I like.

Zena: Yes I would definitely recommend to friends whether pregnant or already have a little one. The design on the fabric was neutral and unisex and was lovely and soft. The little balls that filled it made for a soft squishy feel. It was easy to turn it from a pillow to a nest for baby and the cushion cover provided was also nice and soft and comfortable for baby to rest on. It was light enough to move from room to room when you had baby in one arm and you could just throw it down and pop baby on it for when you need to put baby down for a few moments. The product is washable so any sicky accidents were easily cleaned and the cushion cover was easy to take on and off.

Connie: I would definitely recommend this product to any expectant mum due to how versatile this product is! it can be manoeuvred to whatever way you need it to be and then it's still usable long after the pregnancy to use with your new baby. whether that be feeding or just somewhere supported for them to sit. The design is great too as it's not gender-specific. and it's so easy and light to just roll up and put back in its bag if you need to store or transport it anywhere.

Would you choose this product to win?

Natalie: Yes I wish I had used it at the beginning of the pregnancy. My old pillow has no washable cover over it and the fabric is awful. This is a much slender design for bedtime whilst still supporting your legs or bump. It will keep your partner from moaning that he has no room to sleep in the bed!! It’s so versatile to be used as a breastfeeding pregnancy and snug type pillow if you were to purchase all 3 items it would be costly and take up a lot of space in the home. Having the versatility to mould the pillow into a neck support foot support is also super handy.

Zena: I really liked that it wasn't like all the other pillows and it was filled with tiny beads rather than pillow filling so it never lost its shape at any time. It was easy to convert from a pillow for mum that could be used during the night to a nest for baby in a matter of seconds and easily transportable from room to room. Fully machine washable and a nice unisex design on the fabric. It was really comfortable to use at night and instructions of where to place it for the most comfortable positions was illustrated.

Emma: The dream wizard is excellent value for money, and I really like the fact it doubles as a pregnancy and nursing pillow. The extra back support pillow is unique to this product and a great idea to stop mums rolling onto their backs whilst sleeping.

What changes would you make to this product?

Natalie: The nest is a little bit wide for my little one (currently 6 weeks and weighing 9lbs) so an option to tie the nest tighter would be great. While the microbeads are great in so many ways, they are easily moved so when my little one wiggled around he could easily change the position of the nest, therefore, I wouldn't leave him unattended led in it.

Hannah: Price. Maybe a bit costly for a new mum. This is so comfy and really enjoyed the multifunction ability of it. Reasonably compact and easy to change from one item to another. My toddler likes using it as a backrest for watching movies. Very nice design. Much more comfortable in bed at night and can adapt to lots of different positions which I like.

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