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Nursing Pillow - Grey with white star for your little one shortlist

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Nursing Pillow For Your Little One at a glance

The nursing pillow has a breathable cotton outer cover that feels gentle against the skin offering ultimate comfort at all times. and can be used to support your back when you sleep on the side or for helping your child as they learn to sit for the first time. It features polyester filling that creates a cosy surface with optimum thickness for balmy comfort and is carefully crafted to be used for a variety of purposes for a number of years. The star pattern over the subtle grey background blends with a wide scope of bedroom or nursery themes, adding a hint of class to the surroundings.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: As well as being a great pillow for feeding, I find it is a great cushion to sit him up against after a feed, as he has suffered from some reflux. This pillow was also really useful when I started introducing my son to tummy time. It has a wide, flat surface which meant he didn’t feel slumped over a high, rounded surface, which would have put more pressure on his tummy, and felt quite alien.

Ellen: This product really made my life easier and more comfortable - in the early days of feeding, I was suffering from a bad back after pregnancy and the pillow really made feeding a more comfortable experience. As my son grew, the pillow was great for not just feeding but tummy time and also helping to support him to sit up.

Juliana: When I started breastfeeding I thought nursing pillows were unnecessary. I thought that any pillow could be used to prop baby up to feed. But I quickly changed my mind after I started to use this pillow. The shape helps to keep the pillow in place and both baby and I are comfortable, better than a regular pillow. Definitely worth the investment as it is a good value for money.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sabahat: It’s a nice neutral design so can be used for boys and girls so good to keep for future children- it’s not too firm so can easily be positioned and quite soft but supportive. It’s material is easily wipable but also can be easily removed to wash and inside material is waterproof so shouldn’t get dirty easily. Light and can easily be folded in half for ease of transport.

Roseanne: Yes, due to the reasonable price mentioned, the washable cover and the fact it can also be used as a tummy time pillow I would say this is a really good purchase. I would also think you could wash the whole pillow in the washing machine if necessary. The neutral colours (grey and white) also mean it would match any nursery.

Ellen: I would definitely recommend this pillow! It’s shaped perfectly for feeding but is also versatile to be used as your baby grows. The design on the cover is nice and the pillow itself does not lose its shape or go lumpy despite being used many times during the day or night! The cover can easily be washed if needed.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Juliana: It's a super cute pillow, soft and comfortable. The star pattern is gender-neutral and would look nice with any nursery decor. The removable and washable outer layer makes it very practical and easy to clean after milk posits or leaks. The fabric looks durable and the pillow is still holding its shape after several months of use.

Sabahat: I think I would choose this as it is very reasonably priced and has a good design and is comfortable to use. I really like the washability and easy to clean features and the lightweight but supportive elements- previous nursing pillows have been too stiff and heavy or not easy to keep clean. I’m not sure about winning as haven’t had the opportunity to try the others to compare but certainly, it is a good budget option.

Julia: I love the design of this product as it is unisex and really modern and contemporary. However, some mums/babies may prefer a slightly firmer pillow for nursing or for use as support when a baby is sitting up. I also feel like I would want it to be a tiny bit longer to fit around my waist when nursing. The product definitely provides value for money though, and I think it would last from pregnancy up until baby is sitting up unsupported.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: As mentioned above, the only drawback of this product is the possibility that the inner half-circle could be too small for some women. The material is both soft and resilient, but it isn’t very stretchy, to allow for being pulled around to fit different tummy shapes and sizes, which wouldn't be a nice feeling for a new Mum, who may already be worried about their weight.

Nikki: If I could change one thing about this item it would be to make it more eco-friendly than it is. One thing which I didn't like was the amount of plastic it came in as it was vacuum packed in plastic then sent in a plastic postal bag. I would also consider using organic materials to make the pillow.

Ellen: There’s nothing I would change about this product. I love the grey star cover. I wouldn’t want to change the product but it would be good if other covers were available separately - it’s always handy to have a spare.

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