My Little Coco Baby Mama Bump Butter 200ml review

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My Little Coco Baby Mama Bump Butter at a glance:

Lovingly made to be the simplest and softest of formulas for all of our Baby Mama's. Expertly blended with nourishing organic coconut oil.

Cocoon your bump in this lightweight luxurious butter packed with coconut oil, shea butter and rosehip for smooth, hydrated, supple skin which helps to reduce stretch marks.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Holly: The tube is large therefore I don’t need to remember to buy tubes as often and I can layer my skin and not be frightened to put it all over. It stands out from any other cream I have therefore I don’t need to see what I’m putting on my skin first I know it’s for maternal use by the packaging and looks smart.

Kim: The product smells divine and when applied has a cold sensation which was so nice in the summer heat at 36 weeks pregnant. Normally I would stay away from butters as other products I have tried have been quite thick and greasy which doesn't suit my skin as I suffer with eczema, however this is far from that and a lovely texture which absorbs really well.

Taransay: I love this product. The packaging is lovely and the cream goes on so easily which is lovely when there is so much bump to cover! It’s light and absorbs quickly which is perfect as I don’t have much time to wait for creams to soak in (as I’m always chasing about after my other children). It has a delicate aroma which is calming and lovely. It makes my life easier as it absorbs so quickly but feels lovely all day.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Stevie: I would recommend this product to a friend as it smells lovely, absorbs easily and lasts for a long time. A little goes a long way. It’s cruelty free and vegan, which is very important to me. I like the bottle design which has a slight matt finish, meaning it’s easy to grip. It’s reassuring that its paediatrician tested. It keeps my tummy comfortable.

Megan: The Bump Butter smells great and doesn't seem to have any harsh chemicals in it. It definitely soothed the itching that you can experience as your skin stretches. The product is easy to use as part of your daily routine and can be a nice moment to bond with baby! The packaging is lovely and would also be a nice gift for an expectant mum.

Sarah: I would recommend this to a friend because I’ve really enjoyed using it during pregnancy. It felt like a nice treat after a bath or shower. A little bit of luxury during a hectic time! I have continued to use it postnatally as it is moisturising and I really like the scent. Would make a great gift for an expectant mother!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Holly: I personally love this product I think the whole range looks amazing however after trying it, it doesn’t just look luxurious it feels it too. It’s a large bottle therefore we don’t have to be scared to use a lot. You can’t spill any. It’s affordable and is applied like any other cream. The packaging has gentle connotations which attracts mothers naturally.

Rebecca: After testing this bump butter, I would definitely choose it over any other bump butters. I find that some creams can actually dry out your skin but this moisturiser does a good job at moisturising and my bump felt lovely, soft and smooth all day. My skin can sometimes be sensitive to new products but I had no reactions to this bump butter. I felt very comfortable and happy using it.

Kim: I love this product but I'm not sure for the price it is something I would buy for my bump if I was looking to moisturise and try and prevent stretch marks, as others on the market stand out more for this. This product stands out to me more as a nice pamper treat to moisturise your bump so you could just by a normal moistuiser and save your money as this is £9.99. As a first time mum it's a lovely, pretty and great smelling product to use and makes you want to use it and try other products in the range or tell your friends about them. It's great that I can use it after as well and it hasn't triggered my eczema on my body or hands.

What changes would you make to this product?

Taransay: I’m not used to spending quite so much money on myself - so this could be targeted as a gift for expectant mums to be. Now that I’ve used it I would definitely buy it again or for others!

Stevie: I really like this product, again the price is slightly high, but I wouldn't mind paying this as it lasts a long time. I wouldn’t change anything else about it as it’s just great. There are a range of products that I would love to try as well from this same brand. I feel confident they would all be good too.

Megan: I couldn't find any recycling information on the tube itself which I found surprising as I was assuming the brand was promoting its natural credentials which normally goes hand in hand with eco friendly branding, so it would be good to see that made clearer.

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