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A post-birth recovery essential for your first few baths after birth to clean, soothe and help maintain the condition of the perineum, as well as calm aching muscles and aid recovery. Can also be used following a caesarean section. This 100% naturally derived, Midwife-developed soak is made with premium Epsom salts, which instantly disperse in warm bath water, blended with essential oils of tea tree and calendula, for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and of bergamot, which aids relaxation. It also contains added arnica to help bruising and swelling. An essential for your first few days and weeks postpartum recovery routine

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Faye: The product was everything I needed, all in one. It provided me with relief after my body going through the trauma of childbirth. It provided a relaxing bath which also aided my recovery. The salts are in a handy pouch which makes it very easy to use them and I do love the way they are resealable.

Sophie: The product was an absolute lifesaver for my postnatal recovery after a natural birth. I wanted something that I knew was safe to use on such a delicate area and this was just perfect. The granules dissolved quickly in the water and the smell of the product was lovely and helped me to relax in the short time I was able to get a bath between feeds!

Georgina: I’m not sure the product directly makes my life easier but it has other indirect benefits. To use the soak, I had to take at least 10 minutes out of my day for me. Being a new mum can be really tough and a big shock, by ensuring every few days I made sure that I used my soak meant I had a break even if only for 10 minutes. By taking this time out it gave me time to breathe, relax and feel like me again. In turn this made me a better and more relaxed mum which is just what my baby needs.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Marie: I would recommend this product because it is a nice bath product to use both during pregnancy and following birth. All ingredients are safe to use during pregnancy which is not always clear with other products. The packaging is simple but easy to store away and is resealable to keep moisture out.

Gemma: I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow mum, as I liked it such a lot. I think it would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a close friend after birth. I found it easy to use, it dispersed quickly in the water and didn't leave any residue in the bath. I think I would prefer it in a jar or container than a packet for ease of use and a bit more luxury feel.

Erin: I think I would recommend this product to a friend after giving birth as it was really soothing and comforting to have a soak in a bath after giving birth and the product made my skin feel really soft and smooth afterwards, not to mention how lovely, fresh and clean it made the bathroom smell. My skin felt like it smelt lovely and fresh with a subtle floral perfume smell. Really really lovely. I think this product would be a really good idea as a potential gift to another mum so that she can look forward to using it once the baby is born.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Faye: Yes, it is made by a trusted brand 'Expert Midwife' and provided me with instant relief. It provides excellent value for money at just under thirty pounds. It is in a large resealable pouch. The other products that the same brand do are trusted and brilliant and so is this one. It is a good product.

Sophie: Yes, I would definitely choose this product above others on the market as I felt like each time I used the soak for bits it relieves the pain and made me feel much better through my recovery after birth. The reason it really stands out is that it is made by midwives so I know I can trust that the product is the best quality for my needs.

Georgina: I would choose this product over others as it comes in a handy 750g pouch which has lasted through my whole recovery stage without having to use it sparingly. The product dissolves really well where other soaks can leave the water feeling powdery, soak for bits fully disappears in the water. And most importantly the packaging is fully recyclable which is a massive bonus.

What changes would you make to this product?

Marie: I would change the packaging. It could make a lovely gift but for me, it doesn’t look/feel luxurious enough to gift to a new or expectant mum. A pretty recycled glass jar that could be re-used would give it a special feel and could possibly be more eco friendly than the current plastic packaging. A scoop would be useful too.

Gemma: If I could change one thing about this product, it would be the way it is contained. The plastic packet it comes in doesn't make it feel very luxurious and it doesn't look especially attractive on the side of the bath. I think it would be easier to use from a jar or container, and it would make it look like a special treat for a new mum.

Erin: If I could change anything about this product I think if it came with a small scoop so that the amount of bath salts being added to the bath could be measured out in scoops per bath as this would potentially make it last longer if a single measure scoop was used. I do think that the product is quite expensive for what it is and the amount of product you get for the price especially in comparison to other similar products on the market at the moment. It would be something i see as more of a gift

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