Motherlylove Stretch mark and Massage oil review

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Motherlylove Stretch Mark and Massage Oil

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Motherlylove Stretch Mark and Massage Oil
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Motherlylove Stretch mark and Massage oil at a glance:

Formulated by founder, Jan, a qualified midwife and aromatherapist, all Motherlylove products are blended for safe use in pregnancy. Tums and Boobs massage oil reduces itching on your bump, reduces anxiety, reduces nausea and reduces stretch marks.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: I have found this very easy to use. Its lovely to use at the end of a busy day and makes my skin feel beautifully soft. I have enjoyed implementing this into my bedtime routine and have taken to using it as part of my 'me time'. It has made me take time out for myself which has given me a well-needed breather each day.

Jessica: I really like the motherly love stretch mark and massage oil. It is easy to apply and it soaks into the skin quickly, allowing me to get dressed soon after applying it without getting greasy clothing. Which, as a mum of 2 already is a huge bonus as I have little time for self care. With previous pregnancies I used bio oil and found that this just sat on my skin rather than soaked in like this oil does. I also love that it comes with a 'how to massage' leaflet, so that when I did have more time I could treat my bump to a proper massage. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and it smells amazing!

Rosie: It felt very nice, sank in easily. I really really liked how the ingredients were all natural and this is definitely something that would make me buy the product in the future and recommend for others. I also liked the price and thought it good value for money. I received the product to test late into the pregnancy so I couldn't test the efficacy of the product in terms of preventing stretch marks, but it was a good, non greasy product and pleasant to use. I thought it was very thoughtful to include lime oil to reduce nausea.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Davina: This product is produced locally to me, by a small business run by an ex-midwife who obviously knows her stuff. The product smells amazing and is well absorbed by the skin. The product contains just 4 natural ingredients - perfect for a growing bump! I love the design of the bottle also. Unfortunately I was unable to use it for as long as I would like as baby arrived early and I already had stretch marks by the time I received it, but it was still lovely to massage and connect with my bump.

Rebecca: The motherly love tums and boobs stretch mark massage oil comes in a 100ml bottle which is the perfect size for fitting in your bag on the go so this stretch mark massage oil can be applied anywhere. The packaging is lovely and looks very professional - much better than other oils I have bought in the past. It comes with detailed instructions of how to prepare for massage and gives a step by step guide which is extremely helpful. It also provides great detail about Jan the developer. Knowing that she is a qualified midwife with over 40 years of experience makes me as a consumer put faith into the product. There's lots of information in the leaflet about how to massage properly and the importance of massaging your bump. The massage oil has a lovely sweet lime scent, one that leaves a lovely aroma when rubbing the product into both the tum and the boobs; this product would also make a great baby shower gift for a mum to be as it can be addictive to rub this into your belly as a pregnant lady.

Heidi: It comes in a simple travel size bottle, so it is easy and light to carry when travelling, especially with a baby. Very convenient to just pop this into a baby bag or a small handbag. It also comes in a 100ml, so it is the maximum volume of liquid allowed to take on a flight if you are just planning on taking hand luggage. I also like the fact that it has been developed by an experienced nurse and midwife, a profession that us mothers can trust, I would definitely recommend this product to all my mummy/mummy to be friends.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Stevie: I would choose this product over others, as it does not test on animals, is vegan, has 100% natural ingredients and the smell is really pleasant and doesn’t make me feel ill when I'm feeling nauseous. It's relaxing to smell as well. It is safe to use on tummy and boobs and this is reassuring. I like the design of the bottle.

Charlotte: Yes I would. I have tried several others and have found them to be quite greasy. This isn't thick and leaves you feeling wonderfully soft. I have enjoyed implementing this into my bedtime routine and have taken to using it as part of my 'me time'. It has made me take time out for myself which has given me a well needed breather each day.

Jessica: For me, this product really stands out above others in the same market because of its incredible smell, the way it leaves my skin feeling so soft and the fact that the brand really cares about the environment. I must admit, I had never heard of the motherly love brand before being sent this product for review, but I would definitely buy more and check out the other products in their range now.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rosie: The packaging doesn't jump out at me but I can forgive that because of the price and the ingredients. Also I don't think high end, Jo Malone, Milton Brown type style is what the maker is going for which is fair enough. It looks eco friendly and hippie-ish rather than sophisticated but that's ok.

Davina: The one thing I would change about this product is adding an applicator. Currently the bottle has a seal which you are advised to pierce so the product doesn’t come gushing out. I did this, but it was still quite difficult to get out of the bottle. I had to squeeze to get some out and when it did sometimes it would shoot in the opposite direction! I imagine the reason for lack of applicator is environmental, but hopefully something can be sorted to satisfy both convenience and environmental issues.

Rebecca: If I could change one thing about the motherly love tums and boobs stretch mark massage oil it would be to draw the consumer in further to the fact that this stretch mark oil has been developed by a qualified midwife and aromatherapist with over 40 years of experience. These details are on the packaging of this product but are the same font size as the ingredients. The fact that this product has been developed by a qualified and well published experienced midwife I personally think should be bolder on the packaging. Also, another great future which I think could be highlighted on the packaging is that when using this product it can help mums to get to know their baby's unique movements and patterns. For mums it is highly important to know what baby movements are normal for them; which is why I personally think this is a great thing to mention and would be another great selling point for this product. If these details were made extra clear on the outer packaging I think this would make it stand out even more on the market. As this product will make your life better as a mum to be by being able to aid bonding with your unborn baby and after the baby has been born.

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