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Motherhood Starter Kit at a glance:

The Motherhood Starter Kit is the perfect gift for any mum-to-be! The number one goal with the Kit is to equip mums with enough information and products to help them feel empowered and knowledgeable enough to advocate for the pregnancy and birth experience that they deserve.

As such, the Motherhood Starter Kit contains both digital and physical products. The stainless-steel mug and organic pregnancy tea are the perfect companion for when you want to sit, relax, and watch the complete digital online antenatal series from the comfort of your own home. This maternity gift focuses on meeting the mother's needs!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Elena said: "If you were to access the whole course from the start of your pregnancy, you would definitely be prepared for all trimesters and aspects of pregnancy and birth. I wish I had had something like this for my first pregnancy! It would definitely make you more aware, comfortable and ready for birth and most importantly to be a mother. I found the postpartum section particularly helpful as you no longer have such regular midwife contact and sometimes feel a bit alone in issues post birth. "

Kirsty said: "Going into motherhood, feeling prepared makes a huge difference to a new mums peace of mind. Understanding her pregnancy, the labour process and what comes next is so important. The course also covers topics such as post natal depression and birthing trauma, amongst others, which I feel is really important and not always talked about enough."

Gemma said: "To be honest, I think because I received this product after participating in NCT & whilst in my third trimester I had already read various books / investigated a lot of the subjects discussed within the videos and therefore didn’t find many of the videos had much information that benefitted me further."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Gemma said: "I’m not sure I can answer this question yet as our baby has not yet arrived (due 18th August) I do think a lot of the information is useful and relevant, but I can’t yet comment on how this might change my life with a baby! I do believe that being informed about what to expect is good though. I have watched the videos regarding postpartum, however as I have not yet reached that stage, I can’t comment on how helpful or not those videos might be. As this review is due by 20th August and today is the 16th and I have not yet given birth, I’m not likely to be able to comment before the deadline!!"

Kirsty said: "The packaging is beautiful and a really lovely thing to receive in the post, it would make for a lovely gift for a mum-to-be. Also, when it’s a second pregnancy, it’s not always practical to attend in person courses so an online option that can be divulged as and when is very handy. Everything can be accessed on your phone so it would be really easy to fit this into your commute, when out for a walk, around the house etc. Having access to the material for 12 months is also great, especially for the post-natal information Listening to the videos and reading the material, made me even more excited for the arrival of our second child."

Elena said: "I think it is exciting that you can access so much useful information whenever you need it or want to without having to trust unreliable sources online or having to ask multiple people. I found the section on postpartum particularly empowering as it can be a time when your body has changed so much yet you don’t receive as much attention or care as you do throughout pregnancy. It definitely made me feel more comfortable and aware about what will happen in the fourth trimester, a normally less spoken of time. "

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kirsty said: "When face to face antenatal classes are unavailable or hard to access, this product is invaluable. The other thing to note is that antenatal classes through the NHS are only available to first time mums. I am a second time mum and so it was great to have access to a product that allowed me to refresh on anything that I had questions on. There are lots of online antenatal classes available online – some are significantly less expensive than this option, however I really liked that it covered everything from the early days of your pregnancy, the birth but also the postnatal period."

Gemma said: "It is good to have all the information from day one of finding out you are pregnant through to the fourth trimester in one place, I haven’t seen this elsewhere at all. However I’m not sure I would personally purchase this product as I believe most of it is available online, via your midwife, through NCT (where you can ask questions & engage with people in your local area and therefore learn about options specific to your area)."

Elena said: "This product is different to anything else I have seen on the market. It’s like having your own midwife available 24/7 as well as real mums advice and opinions. This will have been especially great throughout lockdown to help new mums through any issues or questions etc about birth and pregnancy whence has been especially difficult to access courses or clubs in person. I was surprised by the extent of the information available covering all aspects not just pregnancy and birth but postpartum recovery as well as feelings and how to cope with a newborn! It is also delivered in an accessible and friendly way. Another area which makes it stand out is how it is physically presented and sent to you. It is not just an online course, you also receive a lovely box with two boxes of delicious pregnancy tea as well as a stylish thermos style mug. This is a really lovely touch so you have something physical as well as online. This in particular makes it a really lovely gift to give to an expectant mother."

What changes would you make to this product?

Gemma said: "I would sell it as an ‘early pregnancy’ product which takes you from conception through to fourth trimester- it is not a product for women in their third trimester who have been through most of their pregnancy, potentially done an NCT group & probably already looked into birth plans/ feeding options."

Elena said: "The only downside that I found to this product is that you can only access the information for a year once you have activated it. So if you activated it when you first found you were pregnant you may only have it for a few months post birth, when some parts could be helpful for longer. For the price that you are paying I thought it would always be available to you if you wanted to go back and use any aspect or prepare yourself for getting pregnant again. It is true however that if you fall pregnant again you can email for a code to have the course made available to you for no further cost so I really see no reasons to why it cannot be permanently available to clients."

Kirsty said: "I had issues accessing the course online as there was a problem with the web address listed in the literature (you had to remove the www. from the access link in order to get it to work. I contacted the company and they resolved this for me and did confirm that it was a known issue that they were actively working to fix. The price of this product would make it unattainable to some, but there is an option to spread the payments over a few months which is helpful."

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