Medela Purelan 100 lanolin cream review

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Medela's Purelan lanolin cream is the nipple cream you've been looking for if you've been suffering from cracked or sore nipples. This smooth and natural cream is safe for your baby, so there is no need to remove the cream before breastfeeding. The ultra-pure cream will also help to reinforce your skin’s natural barrier properties.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Georgina Cook says: "I had very sore nipples during the first few weeks of breastfeeding and this cream helped to relieve some of the discomfort. It wasn’t a miracle cure but it was nice to have something to help. It does however feel rather sticky and leaves a yellow stain on my nursing pads. I like the fact the cream does not need to be removed before feeding."

Caroline Copp says: "The product is designed to sooth dry or cracked nipples and prevent soreness. It makes my life easier by preventing issues that may lead to difficulties breastfeeding or expressing. The packaging stands up so can be stored by the bed and picked up to apply at night. I’m not sure that nipple creams fall into a category of making anything quicker or better though!"

Jessica Molyneux Spence says: "The Purelan 100 does make my life easier purely because, I don’t worry about my nipples being sore after breastfeeding anymore which was really pushing me towards giving up. I used it from the start of my breast feeding journey which is where it helped the most. It eased the pain of cracked nipples so much! I have really sensitive nipples and a long feed can really start to cause tenderness, but this has actually stopped me from dreading the long feeds and putting it on after every feed has meant that they have that barrier stopping them getting sore, rubbing on my clothes afterwards."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Stacey Pollington says: "I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow mum or even a friend that suffers chapped lips or dry skin. My daughter suffered dry patches on her skin. As i was using it i thought why not try it, it relieved her skin within a few days it had cleared far better than the cream prescribed by the doctor. It is also relieved my sore nipples extremely quickly making breastfeeding less painful from the first application."

Naushaba Rauf says: "I would definitely recommend this product especially in the early days of breastfeeding; it is really thick and soft and you only need the slightest amount for sore nipples. It works quickly too. I would apply it after a feed and my nipples were soft and less sore ready in time for the next feed. It is made from 100% natural lanolin which means it is safe to use and there was no need to remove between feeds. It is also great for chapped lips."

Ellis Royle says: "Because the product has a slip top lid it makes it so much easier to use compared to other products that are screw top, this is because it is less time consuming to use and definitely less messy too. It is a good size tube so easy to use with one hand for when holding baby or breast. It can be applied as often as needed and does not need to be wiped away before each feed therefore making it so easy for when feeding baby."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Abby Smith says: "I have tried this and the Lasinoh nipple cream. I think both are equally effective but I would definitely recommend using one or other of them to any new mum. This one was much cheaper than the Lasinoh cream and I found it to be just as good. I would be happy to recommend this product for an award in this category."

Ineke Thomson says: "I have used other nipple creams in the past, some have not been very good at all, and have felt quite greasy. This product is not like that, and is definately one of my favourites to use, the fact it can be used for other things also puts it up there for me in my top two nipple creams. I would definately purchase this one again."

Ali Williams says: "I would only choose this product over others on the market if the price was comparable as it doesn’t seem to be any different in consistently or ability to help with healing cracked and sore nipples. The yellow tube does stand out more than others making it easy to find when you’re rummaging around looking for it one handed or sleep deprived."

What changes would you make to this product?

Georgina Cook says: "I am not sure it is possible given the nature of the product but I was sometimes out of using it due to the sticky feeling and yellow staining. The price seems appropriate and the product volume (although appeared small at first) was actually very generous. I liked the tube design and labelling."

Caroline Copp says: "The product is not easy to dispense - it’s quite hard to squeeze out of the tube and this mishaps the packaging. I would also change the packaging design as it is quite plain and it’s isn’t very clear what the product is from the tube itself. A travel size option would also be good as this takes up a lot of space in a toiletry bag."

Jessica Molyneux Spence says: "I’m not sure what I would do to improve the nipple cream and I’m quite a critical person! I really loved it. There are others on the market for a lower price so potentially lowering the price of this product, however, I would be happy to pay for it as it lasts so well, is really versatile and does a great job."

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