Lanisoh Organic Nipple Balm review

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Lanisoh Organic Nipple Balm Review

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Lanisoh Organic Nipple Balm at a glance

This natural, plant-based remedy has been handcrafted to care for tender nipples and dry skin. Safe for baby and specially designed for breastfeeding, with no smell or taste.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Ruby: I started using this product in the last weeks of pregnancy and I’m now in my first weeks of breastfeeding. It is a lovely consistency and easy to apply. I am pleased to report that I have completely bypassed the stage of cracked and saw nipples after the initial stage of my milk coming in. In my previous experiences the first weeks so saw through the transition I’m really happy to say no tears of pain have been shed due to this product.

Katie: The early days of breastfeeding are hard and you need all the help you can get - this helps to soothe and protect sore nipples in the early days. It’s a nice alternative to the thicker nipple balms as this is much more oily, you don’t need very much so the tub will last. It’s also baby safe so you don’t need to wash it off.

Mhari: Great product! Really easy to use, very effective. Gave quick and effective ease to breastfeeding-related problems. Soothed and gave long term moisturising to the effective area. This product is very lightweight and soaked in quickly which meant you aren’t left feeling sticky after application which is beneficial.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sashania: It saved my nipples! Baby number two really struggled with latching, had a very shallow latch and for weeks I had sore and cracked nipples that nothing was helping. After a few uses of this, I was getting some relief and the fact that I don’t need to wipe it off before breastfeeding is even easier! It’s super easy to use and a little goes a long way!

Ruby: Absolutely, the pot is a great size and it will see me through the whole transitional period of absolutely needing it and then some. It is an oily soft consistency similar to coconut oil so there is no firm rubbing the product which can create pain while doing so. It is so easy to use I would definitely recommend it.

Mhari: This product is very easy to use and quick to apply. It absorbs very quickly and gets to work quickly too. The design of the product is very nice too. It looks like a high-end product and not as an obvious tube of nipple balm which some may not like. Very happy with this and would certainly recommend it.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Alison: Lansinoh is a highly regarded brand for products to support breastfeeding, and this beautifully presented organic nipple balm is an excellent product that would be useful for all mums trying to breastfeed, and also for use on dry skin patches on both mum and baby. The natural ingredients make it a good choice for a newborn baby and the scent-free, taste-free formula makes this organic nipple balm a top choice. This product would be a good candidate to win the best new mum and maternity skincare category, although there may be some more transportable alternatives that would beat this balm to the top spot.

Ruby: There are so many options and I had always chosen an organic, gentle option over others. I believe I would pick this amongst others as it is a strong brand and the breast pads are already preferable, so adding the two factors together I think would give this product a good head start when choosing off of the shelf.

Sashania: Yes because I know it works! It’s a bit pricey for the size, however, a little goes a long way so will last a long while and it has multiple uses! I’ve used it a few times when I haven’t had any Vaseline for my lips and I’ve heard of a few moms use it on their cracked heels (I’m yet to try this trick).

What changes would you make to this product?

Katie: Personally I would change the packaging. I understand why it’s in a tub as it’s a hard product that melts upon contact with skin like coconut oil (which it’s largely based on) but I’m not sure how hygienic it is to be putting your fingers in the tub a lot especially when you’re putting it on such a delicate area that is sore plus then it’s going in your baby’s mouth. I’d also add in lanolin as I feel it’s a key ingredient to soothe!

Mhari: I can’t think of any improvements to be needed to this product. Very satisfied with the product. Would use it again and would recommend it to others. Does exactly what it needs to and is affordable too. Well worth the money and lasts a long time so probably wouldn’t need to replace during breastfeeding. Great product.

Sashania: The price, I would make it slightly cheaper, but I do understand that it is quality ingredients and organic. But I think if it were cheaper, it may be more “purse-friendly” to mothers with lower budgets, therefore making it more accessible to a wider range of customers/mothers so they can all experience a quality product.

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