Kit & Kin Breast Balm review

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Kit & Kin Breast Balm

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

A blend of naturally nourishing oils and botanical extracts such as rosemary, coconut, flaxseed and ginseng, mean this multi-tasking balm cools, heals and protects sensitive nipples. Approved by dermatologists and certified natural by the soil association, this breast balm is made without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Candy: The natural ingredients are a real selling point. I’d recommend it as it’s made without chemicals which is reassuring when breastfeeding as the balm will come in contact with babies. The product is designed to help sensitive skin which I am currently experiencing. I love that the ethical company do not test on animals too.

Charlotte: I would recommend this breast balm as it contains totally natural ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals in it. It’s very lightweight so you don’t even know you’re carrying it. It comes in a little screw top tub which you can easily pop into your change bag or pocket and take with you. I like that it can be used as frequently as needed and is totally safe for your baby. It doesn’t affect breastfeeding at all. The balm is soothing, moisturising and a little goes a long way. A tub will last you a while which makes it great value for money.

Mariana: It is handy to transport and take with me if going out and still breastfeeding as it is in a small pot. I like the design of the pot. it gives a refreshing and soothing feel on application.

How did this product make your life easier?

Samantha: This product has been amazing for me as a new breastfeeding Mum. It is 100x better than the product I was using before. It glides on, is non-greasy and absorbs well without leaving a residue. The pot can fit into any bag but it has a great amount of product in. You only need to use a little bit as it goes a long way! My baby is happy to feed when I have just applied it so she likes the taste. All the ingredients are organic. My baby doesn't have the best latch so I often end up with sore nipples and this balm is like magic for them!

Emma: This product soothes sore, cracked, dry or overworked nipples to allow you to feed your baby more comfortably. It makes life easier especially in the early days when you feel you are constantly feeding your baby to establish your supply. It comes in a handy little pot which is easy to open and transport making it easy to use.

Georgina: The balm smells great and it is easy to use. It comes in a small pot, so it is practical to pop in your bag and travel with. You can apply it after every feed, whether you are at home or in the local coffee shop! It works well and makes breastfeeding less painful as it really does soothe.

Would you choose this product to win?

Charlotte: The thing that makes Kit & Kin breast balm stand out is that it is eco-friendly and certified natural. Babies skin and bodies are very delicate so it’s nice to have peace of mind that you are not using harsh chemicals on them. I think it should win for that reason. I like that it is quite light but still very moisturising compared to other breast products I have used. Others have been quite thick and gloopy and my baby ends up with it all over their face.

Mariana: Having tried other creams/balms I would consider using this product. Looking after my skin is important as an active mum. I would be happy to pay the price. I would prefer to use a cream than a balm as it tends to soak in better but this balm is refreshing to use.

Samantha: This product stands out to me due to all the organic ingredients and how light is it on the skin. It is so silky and easy to apply and it leaves no greasiness behind. I have tried various products on the market and found that most were too thick and sticky. This product should win. It smells far better than other products too!

What changes would you make to this product?

Emma: I loved the look and feel of the packaging. Although you have to scoop your fingers in to get it out which does get a little tricky the more you use. It goes up your nails and for this reason, it's not as hygienic as some of the tube style packaging. Having to then screw the top back on with an oily hand causes a mess.

Louise: I feel the price of the product is a bit high considering the size of the pot. I do not feel it would last that long if using every day morning and night. I would either increase the amount of product you receive for the price or reduce the price.

Georgina: To improve this product, I would suggest it go into a tube applicator, ideally with a flip-top lid, rather than a screw on top. With a pot, if you have slightly long nails, you tend to dig your nail into the product when you go to apply it, therefore wasting it.

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