Alvalux Medical CicaLux – Energized Scar Care for C-Sections review

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Alvalux Medical CicaLux - Energized Scar Care for C-Sections

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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CicaLux is a therapy device to prevent mums' c-section scars from incisional surgeries and relieves pain through compression, hydration and heat therapy. This device is reusable, easy to use on your scar, and can be cleaned with soap and water. This therapy will increase your blood flow, heals the tissue and soothes the pain.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sian: This product has made my life easier after having a cesarean section, it has definitely improved my scar and has made me feel more confident about the whole area. The product has helped the redness of my scars and it seems a lot smoother than before. It was an easy product to use and there wasn't too much effort involved.

Laura: CicaLux hasn’t really affected my life as a parent. It has however made me feel a little bit better about myself, my brother and my appearance. I have noticed that my Caesarean section scar has moved out and is less red and raised. This is not a product I would normally buy as I am not overly concerned about the appearance of my scar but I have noticed a difference and I do appreciate that.

Rachael: This product didn't make my life easier as a mum as it's for scar healing so, in my opinion, it didn't help with life. I can't do anything quicker while using it just for scar appearance and help with healing rather than mum life. But I do think it has helped reduce the redness on the scar so that makes me feel good.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Ruth: It would definitely be something I would recommend to some of my mum friends but not all. My scar is part of me and I'm proud of the two children it has given me but I am also aware that my scar is there and after 2 c -sections it does look quite 'angry'. a product that would make me less self-conscious definitely gets a thumbs up from me. It's lightweight, the strips are comfortable and easily transportable. It would be better if the strips could last a little longer but I understand why from a hygiene perspective.

Lisa: I saw results from the first use! This small, and inconspicuous product was easy to apply and comfortable to wear, in fact, I almost always forgot I was wearing it. The only time I knew it was there was when I’d used the hot stone and felt the comforting warmth. The product was easy to clean and felt hygienic to wear which was especially important to me given it was covering a recent c-section scar.

Sophie: If you are vain about your c section scar then this is the product for you. I did notice a difference to the redness of my scar, but would I recommend it to a friend? Probably not as it is not easy to use and as a mum I feel like something needs to be easy and quick. I also don’t think I would pay the retail price.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kate: I haven't tried any other silicone strips on the market so I cannot comment on the comparison but this product does do what it claims to do, so I would recommend it to others. The product is easy to use, hygienic and effective. Any product that could improve the healing process of c-section scar especially at a time when you need to be as mobile as possible with a newborn is priceless!

Rachael: CicaLux stands out for scar healing because it uses different things to promote healing and the overall look of the scar. I like it has little heat stone and puts a mild pleasure on at the same time. It's comfy to wear and caused no irritation or problems like that and I have extremely sensitive skin.

Laura: I think, out of all the products on the market that are aimed at reducing the redness/texture of cesarian section scores, I probably would pick this one again. My reasoning behind this choice is that I have actually seen a difference. I am skeptical about other products, such as oils and creams, that I have tried before and didn’t really make any difference. This product, however, is quite expensive and I’m not a person who is overly concerned with scar appearance so it would be quite an expensive purchase for me but I do have friends who would snap it up.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lisa: Maybe a version of the CicaLux without the hot stone so it sits more flush with the body. I did use the hot stone a lot but we had some really hot weather and found myself leaving it out. I also wondered how the product would look under tight or light coloured clothing and thought a product more flush to the body would be less conspicuous. I also found the adhesive to occasionally be a little too strong around such a delicate area.

Sophie: For me I sometimes felt the sticky pads of the CicaLux were rather large due to mum tum, I think if you had a flat tummy think it will be a lot more comfortable. I also found the instructions a bit difficult to understand as I had to look up how many times you had to warm the stone. I don’t know if there was a different way of warming the stone as not always near a microwave.

Sian: I would probably change the size of the stone included. I wore a skin-tight dress one day with this product over my cesarean section scar and I could see the middle section where the stone is poking out. I'm not sure anyone else noticed but I did. Maybe it would be better if it was slightly thinner as the stone is pretty bulky.

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