Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Combo with Fleece review

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Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Combo with Fleece Review

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Charlie Banana Reusable Feminine Pads Combo with Fleece at a glance

Charlie Banana reusable feminine pads Combo pack comes with Charlie Banana's 'Signature' softness, deliver maximum comfort and absorption, and care for the planet. Superb absorbency is delivered by multiple layers of fleece and micro terry. All Charlie Banana Feminine Pads are expertly designed to protect against leaks.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Debbie: These reusable pads are so comfortable! I hardly feel like I am wearing anything at all, they are just so very soft. They make my life easier as I forget I am wearing them as they are so gentle on my skin. I no longer have to dash to the shops if I run out of pads; all I have to do is put a wash on! They dry so quickly as well post-wash - I dry mine in the airing cupboard overnight and they are dry by morning. Being able to clip them closed to pop them in your handbag or into the wash is a great feature. I also loved the little tote bag which came with the set.

Mia: The Charlie Banana reusable pads make my life easier as I always have sanitary products to hand. As I also cloth nappy my baby so it is easy to incorporate into my wash routine. I was unsure whether they would be bulkier than a disposable pad, but they fit really well in underwear and I forgot I was wearing them!

Francesca: I am not sure that this product makes my life easier as a mum but as someone who is keen to reduce my carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly I was really interested to try this product. The pads are secure and easy to use, they wash well are easy to take out and about. I used them in the postpartum period and I would say that they were really comfortable when I was sore after having stitches after birth

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Anna: The reusable pads were aesthetically pleasing, they were very colourful and simply looked nice. They folded up neatly and came with a nice carrying pouch. They fitted into pants and clipped into place easily. They were soft and most sizes were comfortable to wear. They are cleaned easily in a normal wash.

Debbie: I would absolutely recommend this product. I don't understand why anyone would use disposable pads when these are available which are long-term cost-effective, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Even the designs are appealing, with the bright colours and handy tote bag. The poppers are easy to use to apply the pad, and the pad stays in place with no issues whatsoever. The absorbency of the material is impressive and noticeably better than my other reusable pads.

Stacey: Being reusable you’ll never be caught short. As a pack of 4 and different sizes, you can always keep one in your bag if you start while out or away from home! I keep mine in my changing bag. They’re super a son at and comfortable to wear even on hot days. And as a heavy flow lady, I can assure you I have not leaked once.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Mia: I would choose the Charlie Banana reusable pads above all others on the market as I loved the fleece lining that made me feel dry and comfortable. I also liked the bright patterns and the fact it is poppered together which helped it stay in place. The poppers also can be used to roll the dirty pad up

Debbie: I would choose the Charlie Banana reusable pad over other brands as they are significantly softer than other pads which gives them a luxurious feel, as well as feeling so much more comfortable than other brands. The absorbency is impressive and they also have a wide variety of intricate designs available to match your outfits.

Francesca: I really liked the design of this product - they look really lovely quality and if one accidentally dropped out of your handbag no one would guess it was a sanitary pad! I also found them really comfortable and secure to wear I think the lovely design makes this product stand out to me - bright and colourful

What changes would you make to this product?

Stacey: Unfortunately you only receive 4 in a pack and all 4 are different sizes. I think if we could customise a pack it would be better for others like myself who would benefit more from 3 large pads and one smaller pad so we can feel 100 per cent secure with our pad. I also think maybe a clean and dirty purse option would be good. I currently use the bag for dirty ones x

Francesca: The only thing which could have been better is they are a bit bulky meaning taking more than one out and about takes up quite a lot of space, I wouldn’t want comfort to be compromised but possibly a more slimline version would make them easier to take out and about. Other than this I think the product is really well designed.

Debbie: The price is high for just four pads. I would expect more product for the price provided for the pack. If the price was either lower, or more included for the price then this product would be 10/10 for value for money. The comfort factor of this product is a big draw but the cost of it lets it down.

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