Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Seamless Sleep & Yoga Maternity & Nursing Bra

from Cake Lingerie

by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

This luxurious, double layered sleep and yoga bra is supportive without restriction. Its T-back design and closely constructed straps provide a snug fit and ensure the straps stay on while sleeping or whilst undertaking any light activity. Knitted from a dense yarn to provide comfort, you won't want to take this bra off!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Caroline: Receiving the product itself felt like it was my birthday. It was such a beautifully presented gift box! Even if you don’t want to spend the money on treating yourself, I would definitely recommend this product as a great gift for a mum-to-be. It feels fun, vibrant, young and indulgent - unlike most maternity bras on the market! It is super comfortable. I have used five other brands and this was definitely the most comfortable. It is beautifully designed with a high-quality finish. A gorgeous product either to treat yourself to, or receive!

Karen: The presentation of the package when it arrived made it seem like a much more expensive piece of lingerie so before you even put it on, it made you feel special. The colour (bright pink) that it came in was fantastic and I like the fact that you can get it in both bright and neutral black/white colours to suit you. It would be great if it had even more colour options. The fit is very comfortable and the support is excellent for such a modestly priced bra.

Kelly: The bra is a really good fit and is very comfortable. It is ideal for use during the night but as its seamless, it can also be worn during the day. The straps are wide and comfortable to share the support/weight of my boobs. The material is very soft, comfortable and easy to wear.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlene: This product is amazing! I wish I’d known about it sooner! When I first tried the Cotton Candy Nursing Bra on I literally said “wow!” out loud and did a little victory dance. I can’t express how comfortable it felt to put it on after struggling to find a nursing bra that I liked or was suitable throughout my pregnancy! I’ve now been breastfeeding my little girl for eight weeks and changing into this bra felt amazing.

Mmasifon**:** I am a size 12-14 and quite small chested. I tested the cupcake bra in a size S in fuschia pink. The bra is super soft, stretchy and very comfortable. It is excellent quality and the colour is vibrant. The width is adjustable and the clips are quick and easy to use which made breastfeeding a doddle. For me to use it as an exercise bra I would need more support around the bust. Overall I loved this and it scores highly for comfort and the pop of colour is fab!

Nicola: I really love this product. It’s so comfortable to wear. It offers really good support without it feeling restrictive to wear. The fabric in this product is very soft and it has a slight stretch and give. I could happily wear it all day. It’s easy to put on as it doesn't roll up or bunch, unlike others I’ve previously used.

Would you choose this product to win?

Naushaba: I think this product should win. The feel of the bra made this stand out for me. It's incredibly comfortable, luxurious and snug and I genuinely don’t want to take it off. It really felt like I was wearing a quality bra and the gorgeous colours are fun and sexy. I do not have anything negative to say.

Joanna: I have tried other brands and hated the frumpy and bulky designs that were neither comfortable or practical. I think this should win as you can tell that the design process has been done by someone who has needed to juggle feeding and looking fashionable. Added extras like the gorgeous packaging ensure you feel like you have bought a lovely item. The fabric is very soft and does not get hot so you could use this bra for yoga/pilates as it is very secure with a good fit and sports back. The clasps are very easy to undo for feeding.

Aisha: I would choose this bra to win. It’s great for night time as it’s comfortable to sleep and feed in. When breasts are swollen with milk this bra doesn’t dig into your breasts which is great. I love the stretchy material as this keeps the bra very supportive.

What changes would you make to this product?

Caroline: As a maternity bra, it could be more supportive, particularly as maternity breasts are typically large! Maybe a less stretchy material would help hold things in place. The back fastening is also uncomfortable in some yoga positions (when lying on your back), so it could perhaps be moved to the side.

Karen: There is nothing about the shape, style, quality or fabric that I would change about this product. I love the comfort and support that this bra provides. The only thing that would be nice is maybe even more colour choices or patterned fabrics with matching knickers to make some nice sets. The T-back style makes the bra even more comfortable but does limit what tops you might want to wear over it.

Kelly: I’m very happy with the bra and think its totally fit for purpose. My only comment would be that the bra is a very casual style. I feel this has sport in mind and a slightly different style might be more multi-functional and you could wear it for different occasions.

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