Aveeno Mum & Baby gift set review

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Aveeno Mum & Baby gift set

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The Aveeno Mum & Baby gift set includes:

  • Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion 300ml - specially formulated with colloidal oatmeal and is clinically proven to moisturise for 24 hours

  • Aveeno Baby Daily Care Hair & Body Wash 300ml - gently cleanses dry and sensitive baby skin from top to toe

  • Aveeno Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion 150ml - specially designed for the first few weeks of life, keeping dry and delicate skin moisturised for 24hours

  • Soft teddy bear comforter

Here’s what our parents thought, read their review here...

How did this product make your life easier?

Georgia Brooks says: "The Mum and Baby giftset is a lovely gift idea for a new mother. The set contains a wash and lotion specifically for a baby but also a body lotion that mum can enjoy. It’s brilliant to be able to share the products with my daughter especially at bath time. The giftset also contains a small comforter which we have named ‘Ted’ and my daughter loves him. He is the perfect size to take with her when we are out and about."

Annika Burgess says: "The aveeno adult cream is perfect for squirting using the pump on your hands the moment your hands are dry. The cream doesn't linger on top but absorbs and moisturises your hand immediately. This means that you can go back to what you want to do straight away rather than waiting indefinitely for hands to not be creamy. The baby cream makes babys skin lovely and soft. The body wash for baby also left skin nice and soft. Adding the little bear comforter into the giftset is a lovely touch."

Lisa Burns says: "The product was lovely to use for both baby and myself, I especially loved the comforter which is very soft teddy bear and was appealing to the eyes. I found using the product after evenings baths it was lovely to use on both me and baby and helped a lot with dry skin that we both had and has become a part of our routine."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Kayleigh Chappell says: "I would definitely recommend this product to others as the Aveeno is amazing for babies skin and mums! It smells lovely without being full of chemicals and fragrances which is what we all look for when deciding what to put on our babies delicate skin! The teddy bear comforter is a cute addition and makes the set even more charming, it’s also the perfect size for baby to hold."

Rebecca Clements says: "Aveeno moisturisers are well liked amongst mums because they work! This is obviously the most important thing, they also are recognised for being gentle on babies skin and not causing any skin reactions - Its easy to recommend as a product to others because of this. The plush comforter was a nice addition and something that babies love!"

Aimee Cobley-Akister says: "I think the Aveeno baby and mum gift set is a lovely product to buy for other mums for there upcoming new baby. The baby products have that wonderful baby smell that us mums love, and also something nice for us too - a nice body lotion with easy to use pump. We dont get much time as mums, so having these easy to use lovely products will give us a little pick me up during those hard new born days. Aveeno is a great well known brand with products we can trust to be soft and gentle on our little ones. My favorite feature is the easy to use pump, i would also like the baby moisturizing lotion to also have a pump rather than be in a squeeze bottle as this makes everything easier. The packaging of the gift set is sweet with the little baby toy added."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Nicola Colegate says: "I’m very fussy about smells but I like this one so would definitely buy this over other products on the market. I like how easy it is to apply and how quickly it is absorbed. Since receiving this product I have since purchased another bottle of the baby moisturiser as I liked it so much. I like the combination of creams for mum and baby and the comforter was lovely too!"

Elizabeth Dapre says: "Personally I wouldn’t choose this product above others but that it because my little one seemed to have a reaction to it and as such I would be more likely to choose something completely natural like coconut oil. It would make a nice present though and is a really reasonable price point for the box set."

Georgia Brooks says: "Yes I would for many reasons. Firstly, the products are lovely and gentle on the skin. Secondly, the giftset contains products for both mum and baby to enjoy. I especially found them useful when bathing with my daughter as we can use the same brand of product. Lastly, the addition of the comforter makes the gift set stand out from any others and my daughter will not let her new friend go."

What changes would you make to this product?

Annika Burgess says: "I'd change the body wash to one that can be added to the bath water. This means that the baby won't get cold inbetween applications. It shouldn't be difficult to put together. The giftset works well with it's inclusion. I think it would also work better with a pump rather than cap for ease of use and you wouldn't need to hold tube at the same time."

Lisa Burns says: "I don't think I could think of anything that you could change in the product to be honest, you receive everything you would need to be using on newborn skin and for a new mum too. Maybe highlighting a lot more about the eczema side of the product on the front of the packaging to make it more obvious."

Kayleigh Chappell says: "There is nothing I would change about the Aveeno mum and baby gift set as it includes everything I would want to give as a gift and I would be so happy to receive a gift like this too as it’s not only useful for mum and baby but includes a lovely comforter so baby has something to play with and enjoy too."

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