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Always Dailies Singles To Go liners

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Always Dailies Singles To Go liners at a glance:

Always Dailies Liners Singles to Go are surprisingly thin and absorb daily wet watery pregnancy discharge, dampness and odour. Their breathable, feminine design offers trusted dryness and long-lasting freshness and comfort for that long-lasting fresh underwear feeling every day. Always Dailies Liners are gentle on the skin and are dermatologically tested and safe to use every day.Vaginas are pretty amazing as they are self cleaning, they produce discharge which protects from infection and during pregnancy this discharge increases to help prevent infection, this is just one of the amazing changes women's bodies go through whilst pregnant.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Keri: This product is really good during pregnancy as it’s a thin and discreet product. The pack is good value for money, especially compared to other products out there that aren’t as well known. They are easy to carry around as singles and fit in a discreet part of your bag. Generally really simple to use.

Melissa: These pantyliners are a fab product for a mum, easy to just grab a few and pop them in your hand bag. The fact that they are individually wrapped and in discreet packaging makes them ideal to use. As a mum you are always looking for things that make your day to day life as simple as possible and these definitely do that. So discreet from the packaging to the actual pad, you barely feel like you are wearing it once it’s in place. Just nice to have that added protection.

Gulhan: Very comfortable & great value for money. These are the thinnest liners I've found in so I'm quite happy. The thick ones are uncomfortable and unecessary for daily use. I didn't notice a strong smell when opening. The box is easily sealed with a tab. The liner stays in place and has a super quality stickyness (without leaving residue). Can't get a better product for the price. I wish I looked online sooner instead of being disappointed by like five other products.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Megan: Easy to use, small size means you can have them with you all the time and durability of the packaging means that they stay immaculate even in a full bag. They don’t feel plasticy or make you sweaty, they stay where you put them and work as a liner They are good value for money and really small and well packaged.

Saira: I think the design itself is very good in terms of size and ease of being able to put it anywhere including small pockets when you're out and about, and how it looks. It's also comfortable to use and discreet. However I wouldn't personally recommend the regular use of these to my friends or family as I feel a lot of waste is produced by using them but for those who would onyl use disposables they are a great option.

Elena: I found Always Dailies Singles To Go Panty Liners most convenient as they are individually wrapped, thin and discreet. Always have a couple in my bag as they are so nice and compact! Used them before, during my pregnancy and after delivering my baby boy couple of weeks ago. I would definitely recommend this product to fellow mothers and friends. Not only it’s super easy to carry around and dispose after use- they are gentle to skin and dermatologically tested and approved.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Helen: Always products are better quality than competitor brands. The thin design and soft material make them the preferred choice for me. They are not at all bulky and I am never concerned that they might slip out of the side of my knickers and escape. They are good value for money and the quality is reliable.

Keri: No, although the product is good value for money and there are other positives to its design... the sustainability is a huge factor for me. I feel there is too much plastic waste with this product so would generally opt for a product with either no or very minimal plastic waste. I also wear a mix of knickers and thongs and there are other products that fold so you can wear with either type of underwear.

Melissa: There are many other brands very similar to this on the market, however I do feel that the discreet packaging and the fact they are individually wrapped put them above other products in this category. I feel they should win as they are comfortable to wear and when they are in your underwear it doesn’t feel like there is something there unlike with some other brands. Even though they feel very minimal they do give you the confidence and support that you need.

What changes would you make to this product?

Megan: It would be less brightly coloured. The bright pink is a total invitation to my toddler who grabs them asking “is it a toy? Is it a snack?” And waves them round! This can be pretty embarrassing if in a public place. Otherwise they are really well designed liners at a reasonable place and with an excellent packaging design.

Saira: It would be best if all companies started to move away from all forms of single use plastics or at least use plastics that are less harmful for the environment. It would be great to see Always use biodegradable plastics for the liners and the outer cover or even use alternative covers perhaps made of paper.

Elena: Great product overall and great value for money. Always Dailies Singles To Go Panty Liners keep me fresh every day and tick all the boxes. There is nothing I would like to change to be honest. If I had to mention one thing - I would like to have them in black colour as well as the traditional white. This would help to feel even more discreet if you choose to wear dark underwear.

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