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If you're reading the words 'sleep' and 'bra' and wondering why they'd ever be used in the same sentence, we don't blame you. After all, the best part of the day is, without doubt, the feeling of unhooking your bra the moment you step foot into your home.

Having said that, sleep bras do exist, but they're nothing like the regular, underwired bras you're used to. Apart from maternity sleep bras, which are a must-have during breastfeeding, regular sleep bras are great for women who require round the clock support for their breasts - AKA, ladies with bigger boobs.

Sleep bras are created with comfort in mind; they're soft, seamless and will feel just as good as going braless - only with more support. If you have bigger boobs, you might also struggle with an achy back and a general lack of confidence that goes with being braless, which sleep bras can also help with.

We've done some research, and found the best sleep bras on the market in terms of quality, price and  - of course - design.

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What to look for in a sleep bra

So, you might be wondering - what constitutes a good sleep bra? Here are a few sleep bra must-haves to look out for on your next shopping trip.

1. Seamless: Apart from looking great under your nightie or PJ tops, a seamless bra means exactly that - no seams or pockets of fabric that could cause discomfort throughout the night. Not only will it look seamless to the rest of the world, but it will also feel seamless and cosy against your skin.

2. Material: In an ideal world, all our bras would be made from the most premium 100 per cent cotton - but that's not always plausible. Nevertheless, look out for high-quality fabrics and microfibres that will feel good against your skin and still be intact after a few washes. Top tip? Read some reviews before buying.

3. Removable breast pads: If you're nursing, breast pads are a must to prevent leakage, but breast pads can also give your a little more shape and support, should you need to pop out to the shops or answer the door. Just make sure they're removable for when it comes to bedtime.

4. Wide straps: This is particularly important for women with bigger boobs, but wide straps will provide so much more comfort and support, especially when tossing and turning throughout the night.

Best sleep bras 2021

Delimira Womenu0026#039;s Plus Size Soft Cup Comfort Sleep Maternity Bra
Price: $19.99

Elegance meets comfort in this wonderful Delimira sleep bra. Designed with wide straps, this bra provides the optimal support all night long and helps relieve back pain brought on from having bigger boobs. It's made of soft and breathable material with no underwire and a beautiful lace design, to make you look good and feel even better.

Review: "I usually wear a crop top in bed, with 38ff’s swinging free is too uncomfortable. But I’ve been looking for something which separates the girls because you know, sweat. This is perfect! It’s crossover so they can’t stick together. It’s made of very soft, very stretchy material- in fact when I opened the packet I thought oh shoot that’s way too small but it stretches a lot but not uncomfortably, no digging in yet as far as I can tell. The shoulder straps are very wide. It provides zero shape though as it’s not under wired but doesn’t bother me as I’m only wearing it around the house u0026 overnight. Very happy, thank you!"

Soft, comfy and no underwire - what else could you need in a sleep bra? This bra is unpadded, but comes with little pockets giving you the option to slip in breast pads should you require the extra support. If you're still breastfeeing, the V-neck design provides easy access when it comes to feeding - not to mention great cleavage - which is always a bonus.

Review: "I've been looking for sleep bras for ages and these are perfect. A little pocket holds my reusable breast pads perfectly or you could even put folded muslins in there. The fit perfect and is very easy to pull aside for feeding. Other bras have been tighter and I couldn't pull them aside properly. They're so comfy and actually look sexy with a strappy top on top of them. The material is soft with no scratchy bits. I love them. Definitely minimal support but that's not what I bought them for."

Seamless and breathable, this bra contains absolutely no hardware that could get in the way of a good night's sleep. The silky material conforms to the natural shape of your breasts, and is invisible under clothing. This bra comes with removable pads for extra shape and support.

Review: "These bras are absolutely fabulous. They are comfortable and very soft on the skin that you hardly know you have one on. Thick soft straps for comfort. I've bought 3 of these up to know. Very pleased."

Made from a soft, cotton-blend material, this sleep bra ticks every single box. The non-padded full cups are unwired, providing you gentle support all throught the night and the expert Flexifit technology means the bra takes and holds the shape of your body. It's available in black and grey, and comes in a variety of sizes to suit every shape.

Review: "I'm delighted with my sleep bra. Post-menopause, my bust size had increased and I needed something to wear at night to give me some extra support. The sleep bra does that beautifully, but it is also extremely comfortable, with very soft material and broad straps. I've just ordered another one."

Seamless Bralette
Price: £12.99

You can practically tell how comfy this bra is just by looking at it. The ribbed, jersey design material will feel seamelss against your skin, and the adjustable shoulder straps mean you can control the tightness as much as you like to prevent compressing. We love the rose colour of this one, but the bra is also available in a light blue, beige, as well as the classic black and white.

Review: "Really comfy bralette. I haven’t took it off since it arrived! I was last measured as a 32F and bought a size L. It fits perfectly. It’s brilliant for everyday use or just for lounging around the house. Would definitely recommend."

We love a brand that stands for sustainable, eco-certified products and Organic Basics represents just that. The invisible bra is crafted from premium, recycled nylon producing 90 per cent fewer CO2 emissions. It's soft and seamless, but holds everything in place perfectly.

Review: "I stopped wearing bras a few years ago because i feel a bit claustrophobic and don't like things that are too tight and I've been wearing sports bras as they're much more adaptable to the shape of your body. I loved this model, it's so smooth, i loooove that it's seamless, it doesn't leave any mark on my skin and it doesn't cut through. Love it. All of this and it's sustainable and careful of the planet."

This 'zero feel' bra does exactly what it says, making it one of our favourites. It's made from soft jersey, taking the mould of your body and moving with you. The seamfree design ensures no discomfort or digging throughout the night, and the V-shaped neckline is naturally flattering.

Review: "Found it difficult to find a bra that is comfortable and fits well but this is it. It is so comfortable that you barely know you are wearing a bra. If you want to avoid that 'digging in' feeling then this is the bra for you. I will continue to buy this product."

This will feel just like a comfy tank top but with extra support thanks to the double-layered material. No wires, padding or anything that could cause discomfort. The premium Suprima cotton will feel as soft as a feather on your skin, keeping you snug and relaxed as you drift of to dreamland.

Review: "So soft - it feels like nothing. The band isn't too tight, so it doesn't cut in and give me lines. The straps are also wider than I usually see. I like that, but it doesn't work with every top of course. I definitely love this bra and want it in all the colours!"

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