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Your body changes drastically when you're pregnant and dressing it can be a bit of a minefield. And if you're petite, it can feel even harder to navigate.

We'll be honest, there is definitely an absence of petite maternity clothing out there. Other shorter mamas have taken to shopping at places such as ASOS and H&M whose sizes naturally come up a little smaller and/or shorter. Alternatively, one mum said: 'Talking to other petite pregnant women, it seems that our bellies grow absolutely massive because there isn't much other space to put a baby. As far as tops are concerned, normal maternity size has always done me just fine.'

Another mum added, 'I'm short and find normal maxi dresses fit better with the bump as it lifts the dress up higher. Everything else I have had to alter.'

While they may not be labelled as petite, we'd recommend keeping your eye out for maternity clothes that come in short, regular and long and obviously pick short. This was something we found Next did.

Typically, you'll notice that you can only find petite maternity clothes in trousers like jeans, leggings and dresses. This tends to be because the likes of t-shirts and tops are fairly standard whatever height you are, if not just a tad longer and that's no bad thing when you've got a bump.

It's also worth taking a look at shops that offer specific petite ranges and simply buying a larger size to accommodate your growing bump.

However, if you're determined for some petite maternity clothes, here's what we did find...

Petite maternity clothes

Best high waisted leggings

Leggings are a staple, pregnant or otherwise but these soft jersey leggings from Mu0026S are super-stretchy and have an extra high waist to go right over your growing bump. The short length styles are best suited to petite frames.

Review: "Great comfy leggings for anytime in Pregnancy. I started wearing these when I was 12 weeks and have loved wearing them ever since."

Best maternity dress
Price: £39.99

A classic white summer dress is a must for any wardrobe - maternity or otherwise! With an A-line skirt that softly drapes, the V-neck front flounces over the shoulders to the back for an elegant look.

Review: "Love this dress so much, wanted something for my birthday that I would feel pretty and nice in and this dress was perfect! I’m size 10/12 and got a medium it fits really well."

Best maternity dungarees

A pregnant bump always looks adorable in dungarees which is why this petite all-in-one style is a must. It's easy to style with just a T-shirt or jumper underneath and will last all the way through your pregnancy.

Review: "I love the cut of these. They are flattering and comfortable. The legs are a great length and not so short that they cut me in half. I was pleased with the sizing and bought a 10 which is my pre pregnancy size. A great pair of maternity dungaree shorts!"

Best maternity jeggings

Designed for comfort, these jeggings will be your go-to, with a 4-way stretch fabric and soft over the bump band. Offering gentle support to your growing bump, they function like your pre-pregnancy jeans, but with more comfort.

Review: "First maternity jeans I’ve bought … love them. Bought them in my usual size and they fit really well, feels like plenty of room as bump expands too."

Best shirt-jacket

Made from a thick material, the jacket will keep you and bump cosy. It an be buttoned up or worn open, and also has two pockets on the front.

Review: "Great feel and very warm. More of a jacket than a shirt. If you are pregnant do not size down I’m only 14weeks and wear a size large and I won’t be able to button it in a few weeks. I would even size up if you are pregnant and want to button it."

Best maternity jumper

A great option that looks effortlessly when you chuck it on, this solid waffle knit maternity top has buttons along the neckline along with raw seam accents.

Review: "Very soft very comfy and perfect for fall"

Best for maternity and beyond

Soft and feminine, the soft woven fabric drapes over your bump beautifully, allowing plenty of room to grow while a sash ties crosses over at the front and secures at the empire waist, highlighting your slimmest point. Then once your baby is born, the wrap ties open up to reveal fuss-free nursing access.

Review: "I love this dress and have worn it all summer. It can be dressed up with some heels but is casual enough for daily wear. The fabric is a light viscose and gets softer with each wear."


These high rise leggings are designed to fit you from bump to baby so you won't need to throw them out after you've given birth. The plain design means you'll be able to wear them with anything.

Review: "Bought these as i am 3 months pregnant absolute great fit will highly recommend and will be buying more."


Featuring short ruffle sleeves and ruffle V-neckline, this cute top is very flattering for you and bump. It can even be worn after pregnancy.

Review: "Cute top! Looked huge but surprisingly fit."

Petite Maternity Clothes FAQs

Do I need to buy maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes, especially petite maternity clothes can seem expensive for how long you will wear them. There are a lot of affordable clothes on the market and as pregnancy isn't always comfortable, maternity clothes are suited to you and you bump, making you more comfortable.

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