Dressing for breastfeeding – what to wear

Dressing for breastfeeding - what to wear

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Some handy clothes shopping tips from our expert Sarah Lafarge will make breastfeeding a breeze in this quick video...

Sarah says: Breastfeeding your baby is a really important time, it’s really good bonding process for both of you. Wearing the right clothes for it makes it so much easier, it’s also a lot more comfortable and convenient and also a lot more discreet as well.

Mum 1 says: "I’m wearing a maternity vest which has little clips on the top so you can just unclip it there to feed and I really love the vest because they are long so if you are feeding in a top like this that you can’t really pull down at the top or doesn’t have buttons and you hitch it up you have still got cover over your tummy which is quite nice because after having a baby your belly is a little bit on the saggier side. So, that means that your tummy is all covered but you can still breastfeed, it’s great!"

Sarah says: Today I have here is a breastfeeding camisole, it’s just like a normal camisole that you find in the highstreet with two major differences. First of all, you can un-clip the strap and also it has an elastic band so this whole area here does support your breast so you don’t actually have to wear a bra as well.

Mum 2 says: "My stepmother gave me the advice to go and get measured and get a decent bra and it probably wouldn’t have occurred to me because I had such small breasts before. I was 32A, I don’t know what I measure actually today, but when I got my bras which is when she was about a month old maybe, I was measured I was a 34E, so it was a really big difference and I definitely needed the bigger bra.

"They’re so easy if you get a proper bra you can lift all the clips, just wear something that is easy to get the top down or the top up and then you do your clip, put baby on, finish, then you clip your bra back together again."

Sarah says: Get an expensive breastfeeding bra one as you can because the support is really essential. Also the other major point about a breastfeeding bra is the easy access that it gives you so you can breastfeed easily and discreetly whenever your baby needs feeding.

Mum 3 says: "I find the ones that pull down are good because you can just clip it back up again, it’s really, really helpful. I think if I just had a normal bra on it would be really difficult."

Sarah says: The great thing about a breastfeeding top is that if you’re out and about and your baby needs feeding, you simply untie and there are discreet folds by the side where your baby can access your breast to feed.

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