Kimberley Walsh talks about dressing your pregnant body and it’s the best advice we’ve heard


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Kimberley Walsh has talked about the realities of trying to dress yourself when you’re pregnant and she’s keeping it real.

She made the fashion confession when chatting to Giovanna Fletcher on her Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast.

The singer - who has two sons, Bobby, three, and Cole, one – 'fessed up about the how difficult it is to cover your body when you’re carrying a baby.

She told Giovanna: “It was hard because I didn’t know how to dress this body.

“But I didn’t really care that much.

I was so glad I didn’t need to bother dieting. I was glad to not to have to care because I had the excuse that I was pregnant.

Although, to be clear, you don’t need to bother dieting whether you’re pregnant or not.

Kimberley’s point of view clearly resonated with Giovanna Fletcher, when she was pregnant with her third child.

Writing about the podcast on her Instagram account, she said:  “There’s no denying that bodies change during pregnancy. It has something to do with an actual human growing inside your body... crazy. I loved this laidback attitude towards that change from Kimberley Walsh on the podcast this week!”

Kimberley has spoken previously about being a good role model to women around body image post-pregnancy.

In an interview with Mother&Baby after Bobby’s birth, she said: “I know that I don’t look like myself but I have just had a baby. I don’t think it’s a negative thing because sometimes it’s good for other women to see that not everybody just snaps back straight away.

I think I am a positive role model to other women who might find comfort in the fact that I did not spring back into shape.

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