Juno Jack’s The Florence Nursing Twinning Dress review

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Juno Jacks Florence dress

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Juno Jacks Florence dress
Price: £14.99


Juno Jack's The Florence Nursing Twinning Dress at a glance

The Juno Jack's Florence breastfeeding friendly dress features gorgeous ruffled sleeves and a floaty loose skirt which you can catch perfectly with your little one. Fastened at the back with poppers and completely crease-free it will be a sound addition to both yours and your child's wardrobe.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Amy: The design is great for breastfeeding as the side zips enable you to breastfeed conveniently whilst not feeling exposed at the same time. This is great for feeding in public which can sometimes feel daunting when in a busy public place. I really liked that about the design and made me feel more comfortable when feeding my daughter out and about.

Katherine: It is easier to breastfeed in the dress due to the dual zips going both up and down compared to other breastfeeding clothes that I own where the zip only goes one way. It can be unzipped with one hand which is very valuable when you have an impatient and wriggly baby. It also allowed me to wear a full-length dress, which is very useful in summer. Breastfeeding specific clothes also increase confidence when breastfeeding in public, which is so important for mums. The brand also empowers you with this.

Claire: I loved this dress! I am a bit more self-conscious about my body since having children but this dress instantly felt comfortable to wear. The zips for breastfeeding go up and down so easy to access for feeding whatever size you are and it has pockets!! Who doesn't love a dress with pockets? It has also washed and dried easily.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Kimberley: I would recommend the brand due to the reasonable price point. I would also be interested in their other breastfeeding clothes because the zip access was really handy and the fit was comfortable. I don't think I would recommend the twinning outfit itself as matchy-matchy isn't my style. My daughter looked great in her little dress though, the headband was an adorable extra and she enjoyed putting it on and off by herself.

Hannah: I’d recommend the Florence dress to any fellow mums that are breastfeeding not only as it definitely makes your breastfeeding journey outside of your hoke that little bit easier. But it's also a stunning and lightweight dress that suits all women I think. It’s also super handy being long so there's no stressing over it being blown up on a day out.

Victoria: The dresses are gorgeous. My toddler is very comfortable in her dress and can run around, climb etc easily whereas I find other dresses can be quite restrictive for toddlers. We love the choice of colours and the matching aspect is the cutest. The mama dress is great quality, very flattering, the sizing is perfect and that's without going into the breastfeeding design of the dress. Again, really easy to feed your little one in and perfect for being discreet.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy: I do think I would choose this product over others. I liked the material and the design of the dress a lot. I liked the length and the easiness of breastfeeding. The product was thoughtfully packaged with nice wrapping and additional confetti which was a nice touch and would be ideal as a gift. I also really liked the branding.

Victoria: I love the whole matching dress idea, I think it's really original for a breastfeeding clothing company to do this as when I've found matching clothing before, it's been difficult to breastfeed in. I think this dress is perfect for someone starting out on their breastfeeding journey and may not have the confidence to feed in public, with the dress it's so discreet to do so. It could definitely help someone's breastfeeding journey to be that little bit easier.

Lucy: Yes, it’s a beautiful dress in its own right; bonus that it is also a breastfeeding dress. I’ve tried some breastfeeding dresses which have the zip or buttons for access in the wrong position which makes it really difficult to feed in. This dress has the access zip in the perfect position. Excellent breastfeeding dress.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: I love this dress so much, there’s not a lot I would change. Possibly a petite or shorter length, only because I’m 4ft 11 and a petite length is always a bonus for me. I love the style of the dress but a cotton dress also would be great for hotter days, just to keep mum and baby a little cooler.

Alice: I’m not sure there is anything I would change about the dress. The headband was quite difficult to keep on due to it not being stretchy – both for mine and my daughter’s outfits which was a shame so that could be improved. But for the dresses, nothing needs changing, I think they’re really lovely dresses!

Hannah: I have loved wearing this Juno Jack's Florence nursing dress and I don’t believe anything necessarily needs changing to it as it is a perfect nursing dress. Me personally I would love it if they brought out a slightly shorter version of this exact dress as I’m 25 and I did feel like the length of the dress made me look alot older but I still love it.

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