Cake Maternity Tutti Frutti Nursing Bra review

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Cake Maternity nursing bra

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Cake Maternity nursing bra
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Cake Maternity Tutti Frutti Nursing Bra at a glance

Made of ultra-soft, sustainable & breathable bamboo fibre, with lightly padded cups for discreet nipple coverage and a smooth shape, this cute plunge racerback style provides superior comfort and support during your daily activities. Tutti Frutti is a perfect bra for new and nursing mums thanks. to the drop-down cups, it also doubles as a sleep, lounge or yoga workout bra.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Harriet: The drop-down cups make feeding really quick and easy. You can tell they are good quality clips as well - I’ve clipped and unclipped them hundreds of times and they still feel new. The stretch in the material is also really good as the bra really does grow and give with you, so can last through pregnancy and while nursing baby.

Izzy: This bra is easy to use for breastfeeding, it's an attractive design and very flattering - it really makes your boobs look good! Easy to unclip and feed from, and nice, thick material means that if you leak at all, it doesn't come through the material on your top as much as some other bras. Plenty of room for breast pads as well.

Jen: What I love about this product is it makes me feel good about myself. I feel pretty and a bit sexy in it which is not at all what I think of when I imagine nursing/maternity underwear. It’s also very comfortable too which is exactly what you need. It’s made of soft fabric so not at all itchy and doesn’t dig in like so many maternity/nursing bras do. In fact, I’d be happy to wear this even if I wasn’t breastfeeding! It makes breastfeeding easy especially when out and about and I’m also not self-conscious about people seeing my bra, I’d be happy to show it off!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lori: I’d recommend this nursing bra to another mum because it was really good quality, offers great support and still looks stylish. I love the ethos on sustainability that the brand feels so passionately about, and it comes in the cutest packaging. It feels like a luxurious item which is a nice treat to yourself during breastfeeding months when often mums are the ones forgotten about. It’s really comfortable to use, very soft on the skin and looks great as well. It washes no problem among your other clothes and keeps its shape afterwards.

Zosia: I would absolutely recommend this brand to a friend. The branding is gorgeous and speaks to you as a mother and makes you feel understood and valued. The bra itself is nice to wear and doesn't feel frumpy like so many other nursing bras. It washes well, is comfortable and provides quick and easy boob access when you have a hungry little one to feed.

Diana: I would recommend this product to a very active mum who loves sports. The support it offers is definitely superior to other feeding bras I have tried and I find it is very important especially when breastfeeding as breasts are sometimes engorged and it can be painful. It is breathable and soft, two qualities that I always am in the search of when choosing a bra.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Jen: I would choose this bra over others as it makes me feel good about myself and it looks great on, such a good fit. It makes breastfeeding in public so easy, just clip! It’s given me a lot of confidence too as I feel good about my postpartum body. The detail on the bra looks good underneath clothes. And because it is good value for money I have money for other things.

Niamh: Yes I definitely would pick this product above others. This is my second breastfeeding journey and this is the first breastfeeding friendly bra I have found that I like and feel comfortable in. Not only that but if you wanted to wear it even after you finish breastfeeding then you can without it looking like a nursing bra. I think the one thing that would make this product stand out is the practicality of this bra, it's easy to use and get one and off and the clips allow for quick and discreet access when nursing.

Lori: I would for an indulgent buy. I think some other cheaper brands feel like they compromise on quality when it comes to breastfeeding bras. Whereas this one feels like a quality product and it’s not a bra you would be embarrassed to show off in public. It offers great support for your fluctuating breasts and also allows you to wear breast pads without them slipping down, falling out etc. It stands out from others due to the branding and the ethos on sustainability. When you invest in this bra and brand, you feel a little better about being kinder to the planet.

What changes would you make to this product?

Harriet: The recommended washing instructions are separate cold hand wash. This is just not ideal considering how often you need to wash it and the wear and tear it sees on a daily basis. When the bra has had milk or dribble on it I just don’t feel a cold hand wash is sufficient. I have machine washed at 30 and for the most part the bra has been fine but there has been slight cup distortion where the fabric has altered. Being able to machine wash would make this product perfect.

Izzy: I'd love to see more colour options for this product - the brown colour isn't the nicest, and there's only black or rust available. Given that when you breastfeed, you have to get your bra out to do so, it would be nice to have some more fun colours, as it's such a pretty bra. It would also be good if you could unclip the straps from the back so you can put it on round your back rather than only over your head.

Diana: I would definitely insert a feature where you can put the bra on and off without having to go through your head but doing it as most bras work. I know that feature is common in sports bras but it is not advertised as a sports bra but a breastfeeding bra. I would insert a fastening system at the front, that'd make it much easier to put on and off.

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