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At a glance:

This lightweight, multi-functional high chair follows your baby's growth starting from six months to three years. During the first months, it is a comfortable recliner and as baby grows it can be used as a high chair for feeding and playing. The removable tray and 7 different height settings and recline for the seat, allow baby to sit with you at the table in comfort. The Prima Pappa Zero 3 offers convenience and functionality in the form of an ultra-compact high chair!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sadie Marie: I would definitely recommend this highchair to friends and family. It's a beautiful highchair which is so comfortable and stylish. It is easy and small to store away which is great if you don't have much room or you don't like to have it out all the time. The tray has a clip on top which makes for a quick and easy clean up too!

Lucy: The highchair has great foldability and is therefore easy to store if space is an issue as it doesn’t take up much space. It’s easy to use and you can adapt the positions of the seat and height. The design is great so it looks good as well as being functional. The padded seat is good and looks comfortable to sit in.

Sue: I’d recommend this high chair because it looks really good and the mechanics work well. It’s easily adjustable and folds fairly flat when not in use. The seat is really comfortable and has a bar between the legs which is a real safety bonus for a wriggly child. It was lovely to be able to adjust the seat up and down so my child could join her older siblings at a low kids table too. This is a good sturdy and safe chair.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lucy: The Prima Papa Zero 3 was great! I really liked how easy it was to use and adjust the position. I often need to move the highchair from room to room so the wheels on the bottom and the fact that the chair is so lightweight was brilliant. I really liked the design of the chair and how soft the seat was. My toddler was comfortable and happy to sit in it. The way the height of the seat adjusted so easily is also appreciated.

Nicola: This chair is fantastic. It comes ready assembled and you only need to attach the tray on the front. We loved the reclining action with the leg extender. When my little one fell asleep, we could leave him in there under supervision and he would be really comfortable. The seat is very good quality.

Catherine: This high chair is very easy to use, easy to figure out and easy to keep clean and hygienic with its wipe down material. This makes my life as a busy mother much easier and it takes half the time to clean after my child has meals and makes a mess. It also looked expensive, strong and good quality.

Would you choose this product to win?

Verity: I would choose this product above all others as it's lightweight, easy to use and manoeuvre. The removable top tray means you can easily clean it at the sink whilst your baby is still securely in the chair which is a bonus. I love the big tray and the design is so modern. It is easy to clean the seat pad. It looks amazing and much more sleek than other bright high chair covers.

Helen: I do not think this high chair should win. I find it bigger than necessary and heavy. The legs are wide and get in the way with a busy family. Whilst the tray and style look good and it is easy to use, the sheer size of it makes it impractical for us. I prefer a smaller clip-on high chair that can easily be stored away out of sight.

Vicki: I would choose this above all other products. I wish it was available when my 8-year-old son was a baby. The design has been really well thought out and all aspects have been covered to make sure your child enjoys food time. You can enjoy having your own food knowing your child is comfortable and enjoys being in the highchair.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lucy: Possibly the price. I feel like many people would be put off by the price initially. If you did your research and bought the high chair you wouldn’t be disappointed but I think a lot of people wouldn’t look into it once they saw the price.

Nicola: I wouldn’t change a thing! I love it so much. If I was being very picky then I’d say it’s heavier than my previous highchair but it’s easy to use and manoeuvre. I had no trouble moving it around the room with a child hanging off my other arm.

Sadie Marie: I honestly don't think there is anything I would change as it is the perfect high chair. The adjustable seat and tray, the look - everything is great. However, I don't think I would pay £130 for it. However, I wouldn't pay £130 for any highchair and I think £100 is more reasonable.

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